First Steps

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Welcome to the Renaissance Kingdoms

March 1470...

You were born a humble vagrant at the dawn of The Renaissance in Europe.


Here everyone plays their role. The baker, the blacksmith, the fisherman... everybody depends on each other. Today is the first day of your new life, coming back to your hometown:

  • you could spend your days at toil as a modest peasant,
  • you might trade goods or become a merchant,
  • you could live a quiet life...
  • if you have ambition... the world awaits!

You have heard stories of travel to far-flung empires:

  • but to look after your fellow man, you could be voted the mayor of your town,
  • or you could one day be voted the ruler of an entire kingdom, even an empire!

But first, you need to take care of yourself. Your pockets are empty and you need to eat. You are starting a new chapter in your life in a universe governed by laws you may not yet understand. Let yourself be carried away by the breeze, wander the streets of your town, you will probably meet someone who has a plan for you...

You can already see the bell tower of your town on the horizon. You walk to the ramparts. The doors are in front of you. Guess what! They're open.

First day

To start with, you will have to follow the plan for your first day here, to which we've given a very simple name, "Drink, Eat and Sleep".

In a meantime, let's get familiar with the basics and reassure your fellow man that you are civilized after all.

Walk down the streets

Town is where all the important places are located. Here, you can find the villagers’ houses and public buildings such as the town hall or the church.

To move your character around the town and walk down the streets, you can:

  • tap anywhere on the map and move to the desired destination ( 1 )
  • tap the building to move to it and enter it ( 2 )
  • use the shortcuts at the top right of the interface ( 3 )

Walk down the streets.png

Visit local taverns

Your throat is dry and your legs numb. It is a right moment to visit a municipal tavern, or one of the private taverns in your town.


Once you visit a tavern, take a look at its menu (IconeTaverneMenu.png). Prices can vary between different taverns, so it is a good idea to check few before deciding where to eat and drink. Given you ate already, and have few pounds with you, you can afford:

  • a herbal tea, in case you're not drinking alcohol ( 1 : IconeTaverneChoppeOff.png )
  • a pint of beer ( 2 : IconeTaverneChoppeOn.png )
  • a round of drinks ( 3 : IconeTaverneTournee.png )

First steps tavern.png

Let's make a toast and welcome you to your town! It is good to live there, you will see.

Visit local market

We still have so much to do! Let's learn the rules of this jungle that we call the market.


It’s here that, every day, inhabitants and travelers sell the fruits of their labor and their harvest. To feed yourself properly without ruining yourself, we recommend you buy loaf of bread made by the bakers or bag of corn. If you can not find any, try contacting the mayor or the mentor of your town, considerate people who can put you a loaf or two aside.

Reserving a product ( ReservedProductBackground.png ) allows you to never run out… and sometimes even to negotiate the prices. Reserving naturally creates a relationship of trust between the buyer and the vendor. But it's not all about reserving, so make sure you buy a product:

  • 1 : Select reserved quantity
  • 2 : Purchase products in your basket

First steps market.png

This loaf of bread is now in your inventory. It can wait there while we explain to you a plan that you’re going to follow for your first day here. It's given this very simple name, “Drink, Eat and Sleep”.


If you’re hungry, you won’t be in a good shape. If you’re not in a good shape, you’ll end up dying. To avoid things coming to that, you’re going to have to eat enough every day. If you’re still slightly lost about knowing when to eat, I advise you to simply listen to when your belly starts making small rumbling sounds.

An indicator ( Not hungry.png ) and its empty bar will tell when it is time to eat:

  • if the bar is empty, the character is hungry and the food must be eaten,
  • otherwise, the full bar means you have eaten already.


A character must be fed for two hunger points, which correspond to:

  • one loaf of bread ( Loaf of bread.png )
  • two pieces of food that each gives one hunger point, e.g. two bags of corn ( Bags of corn.png )


It is important to feed yourself once a day. If a character is hungry, his/her condition will deteriorate and he/she will lose characteristics every day, Without remedying this situation, the character will die after a few days.

An indicator ( FitnessIndicator.png ) and an emptying bar will help you observe your body. If all your ribs are protruding, be alarmed... In order not to lose characteristic points, you should eat every day until you are either exhausted or fit.

Note: Some players choose to swing their fitness between "exhausted" and "fit" to save money. This means that if today you ate a loaf of bread, next fay you will be able to eat only a bag of corn.


So, have you noticed that your bag ( IconeInventory.png ) is heavy? You can store many things in it during your adventures! Chic and practical!

Look, your loaf of bread is waiting for you! Go on, treat yourself ( Use.png ).

First steps inventory.png

Now, let's meet at the shelter when it suits you!



It is time for a "Sleeping" part of the plan. The shelter is in bad shape and the stench is foul but this is where beggars like you live. The long room, the floor of which is covered with dry straw. Damaged wooden fences mark out the limits between the spaces.

First steps shelter 1.png

Come, let's settle into this charming palace. Do not hesitate to pick up things on the ground if they seem abandoned to you... No one will tell you anything:

First steps shelter 2.png

Congrats! You’ve laid down your straw mattress in your home, your very own home. It is still a bit empty, and the comfort is not optimal, but it is still better than the street or the prison. You will sleep well here ( 5 ). Well, at least we hope.

Be careful not to ignite the straw with a candle. Last year we had some losses due to these kinds of incidents...


While you're in the shelter still, do not hesitate to collect some clothes from the pile of clothes ( 1 ) on the floor. There you will find a white scarf that will keep you warm.

First steps warderobe.png

Your wardrobe is a very ordered space. Open it ( 2 ). Your new item of clothing should be on the wardrobe's slot ( 3 ) for the neck accessories (XIII.d). Now, all you have to do is wear it ( 4 ).

First steps warderobe 2.png


We can consider the "Drink, Eat and Sleep" plan accomplished. Now let's move on to the two keywords: "Skills and Money".

Skill Trees 1.png

There are different types of work to do in the town. Mining brings money, and you already completed a training course that thought you how to mine ( 40px-ACTravauxMineur.png ). Now, I advise you to check which mine is located near your town, and learn the corresponding miner skill (Stone and Clay Miner, Iron and Salt Miner, or Iron and Salt Miner). Each of these skills increases the number of resources extracted as well as your wage when you work in a mine.

Skill Trees 1.png

Learning skills is as simple as ABC! You just need to:

  • want it,
  • know some basics,
  • and check the cost of the training… nothing’s free in this world.

The cost of training is paid in the skill points ( PtCompetence01.png ). Skill points are acquired by gaining levels. Please note that once points have been placed, you cannot retrieve them.

Soon after, I advise you to unlock another work-related skills:

  • Sociable (ACTravauxSociable01.png): Allows you to reply to a job offers
  • Harvester (ACTravauxRecolteur01.png): Allows you to work at your town's lake, in the orchard, or in the forest

You will thank me later! Now go mine, you’re not afraid of the dark I hope.


You have to earn pounds to feed yourself and gain experience in order to develop your skills. The best way to obtain both: WORK!

When you work in the mine, you become an employee of the county because it is its proud owner. The mines provide the county's resources. Let’s see it as an exchange of favors: you produce resources, and the county gives you pounds.

First steps mining.png

When you are about to become a miner, it is good to know:

  • it is necessary that the mine or the quarry is open
  • all the equipment is loaned, you don't need to bring anything
  • you choose the working time: 1, 2, 6, 10, or 22 hours

Don’t overdo it, you’re often more effective when you work in small doses.

Finally, once the time has elapsed, the work is done, and well done. The salary is paid directly into your bag. You can even start over!

Now, don't forget the two keywords: Money and Skills.

Second day

You have endured your mentor’s monologues for a whole day. It is a time to continue...

It is time for you to create your own place in this town. Your place. And remember what your grandmother used to tell you: it's good to let go of your naval to gaze at other people's navels, but only with their consent.

Get to know yourself

To see your character and his/her information, you can consult his/her character sheet. It will be filled in with more and more information as you progress through the game.

First steps charachter sheet.png

You are you, and the others are the others. But for the others are themselves too, and for them, you are one of the others. Quickly unravel this confusion.

Check out your character sheet and edit it. It is a public fact sheet, whose displayed information is customizable and visible to all:

  • write a character description
  • fill in your status
  • change title
  • display some badge
  • give your trust

Town Hall

It's always useful to introduce yourself to high-ranking strangers, to form bonds, and to know how to stay pleasant with unpleasant people and unpleasant with pleasant people. Or the other way round.

Now come, let's visit our humble Town Hall where all town's activities are being managed.

Town Hall boards will help you study:

First steps town hall 1.png

Over there you'll find another notice board. Take a closer look. This is where the villagers post their job offers ( 3 ). However, read the offers carefully before applying - some require specific qualifications:

Also, remember that you must have the Sociable skill to respond to job offers.

First steps town hall 2.png

Land market

It is time to learn how the land market works.

Acquiring a property requires buying a property deed. In your case, for example, you're soon going to want to buy a house. A roof over your head, just for you! However, note that this will be available only once you reach level 15.

First steps land market.png

Let's have a look so you can get an idea of the prices. As you can see, the houses for sale vary in size. I advise you to opt for a small model to start with, it's quite enough. Peasant cottage would cost you 80 pounds. It's quite a lot of money, but it's the price to pay for having your own place.

Take time to think about it and come back when you feel ready to make a start!


You look kind of lost, let us show you around our beautiful church.

First steps church.png

The church is maintained by kind would who come and clean it ( 1 ), from time to time. Priest doesn't offer much in exchange, it's more volunteering than work if you ever fancy it.

Having a church without a speck of dust means having respect for God Almighty! As well as for the villagers who gather here to pray every week. You should come to a mass too. Check when priest preaches weekly. Times are scribbled down at the entrance ( 2 ). Right below it, you will notice message from the parish priest too.

If you want, you can also give a small coin ( 3 ) to the poor people begging on the church esplanade from time to time.

Natural resources

Each town has its own natural resources according to its local geography. A town's resource can be wood cut and collected in the forest, fish found in the local lakes, or fruit picked up in the orchard.

It is very important at the town level to have resources: they allow the mayor to conclude deals with the neighboring towns. For example, trading fish for wood. Or wood for fruits. You get the idea.

Resources are either useful for skilled workers, or boosting your characteristics. Working is going to drain all your energy, so let's not talk about details.

It is important to mention that you will not be paid in pounds. Instead, you will be paid in wood, fruit, or fish that you will be able to sell for a good price at the market. To begin with, you will be able to borrow all the tools you may need at the Town Hall. Buying and maintaining your own tools will cost, but it will let you collect more resources too.

Remember, to collect the natural resources in your town, you must have the Harvester skill. Additionally, learning advanced fishing, picking, or woodcutting skills will improve your productivity when performing any of these activities.

Third day

You've met many new faces by now! Some are nice, others a bit weird, and as for your mentor, you can think what you want. The most important is that your nights will be more peaceful from now on, as you have bought your very first and very own house.

Having your own field, producing your own resources, consuming them, or selling them... you will soon play a role in the town's economy. And you will also have blisters on your hands.

Buy a field

Just as before, you will have to consult a land market to buy yourself a field. Buying a field will be available upon reaching level 15.

With your field, you will be able to grow crops or raise livestock. That's a significant source of income.

Some players might want to sell their own fields. However, since it's your first field you might as well invest in a new land. This time it will cost you only 50 pounds.

First steps buy field.png

Now, take some time to think about which plot you want to use for your field. Please note that some of the options will be locked unless you learn certain skills in the Skill Tree:

  • Market Gardener: Allows you to grow vegetables
  • Animal Lover: Allows you to raise sheep and cows

All the other agricultural plots are available by default.


To face challenges, your physical and mental qualities are going to matter. Your character has several characteristics, such as strength, intelligence, charisma, and reputation. These characteristics have a considerable influence on the character’s possible actions, so they should be monitored regularly.

Both strength and intelligence make it possible to apply for certain job offers available at the town hall, to increase the yield of certain fields, or to facilitate woodcutting, fishing or picking fruit. Moreover, the stronger the character is, the more items the character will be able to carry.

Charisma allows you to make a better impression in your town and thus the job offers, market transactions, and political future of the character are enhanced.

At first, strength is obtained by eating meat, intelligence by ingesting fish or drinking milk, and charisma by consuming fruit or vegetable. You are right thinking that this food is sold at a higher price than bread or corn…

Reputation includes both reputation points and trust points. Reputation points are obtained by promoting the life of the town and its inhabitants. For example, reputation points are earned by working in the church or hiring workers, while trust points are earned each time another character gives their trust to the other character.

It is possible to obtain a maximum of 255 points in each of the existing characteristics.

Buy a workshop


If you just reached a level 25, you are ready to select your inclinations from among 7 virtues and 7 sins.

Your actions will cause your moral gauge to swing towards one side or the other. You will win bonuses if you manage to keep your gauge above a certain threshold.

At this point, your choice regarding inclinations is final, so choose wisely.

First steps virtues and sins.png