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As your character evolves, it will move from the slums into their own new house.


The peasant cottage is the type of house that everyone owns by default, after owning 80 pounds. All others can be obtained for pounds or gems. However, some are only accessible from certain levels.

Depending on the model, there may be several rooms, several floors and a more or less large garden. More furnishings allow you to decorate the rooms and the garden as you wish. On some house models, a room is reserved for the workshop.

Decorating your home will grown the levels of prosperity.

Warning: removing your house does not allow you to gain an additional pounds. Indeed, the room will be empty and cannot be fitted out.

Visit a house

To go to your own house:

It is possible to visit all the houses in the village where you are, unless its owner has locked the door with a lock (not yet activated). To do this, just click on the house of your choice from the view of village.

Install and move your house

In the village

As soon as you click this button, the village view appears and all available locations appear colored green. Left click, or tap on your screen, on the desired location to place your house.

Right-clicking or the arrow-shaped button rotates the house before placing it.

In your court

You just have to click on the house, you can then place it at your leisure in another part of the courtyard.

Models of Houses

Here are the different existing houses: