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Welcome to the official Renaissance Kingdoms' wiki !


About The Wiki

The Wiki is an online collaborative encyclopedia. Its main goal is to gather all known information about the Renaissance Kingdoms game, its universe, and rules.
This space is dedicated to sharing and transmitting knowledge: each element of the game has its article, and the links in-text lead to other pages related to the subject.
We hope the Wiki will be used as a game bible on which you can refer to in doubt. The content has been curated with love and care by our most seasoned players in the Kingdoms!

Where Should I Begin ?

A thematic summary is at your disposal.
You can also check out the list of recently modified entries.
If you prefer to let Fate decide, the Select A Random Page feature might be for you!

The Knowledge Keepers

There are currently 892 pages in this encyclopedia. Most of the pre-existing content is from a Renaissance Kingdoms online guide initiated in 2006 by French player MrGroar.

In the wake of the opening of this brand new International Wiki, a team of players, known as the Knowledge Keepers (official roleplay title) under the supervision of the Renaissance Kingdoms Admin Team, monitors the proper functioning and accuracy of the content of the Wiki.

Originally composed of French players, the Knowledge Keepers are responsible for proofreading and verifying the French content. With the internationalization of the Wiki, Knowledge Keepers from all horizons have joined the team to translate and adapt the content into English and other languages used in the Kingdoms.

How to help out the Knowledge Keepers? The easiest way you can support us is by reporting to the team any misinformation, outdated information, or any inconsistencies that you may find by consulting the Wiki.

How do I become a Knowledge Keeper? Hungry for knowledge? In a perpetual quest for learning? Or some expertise and linguistic skills you would like to share with us? You can apply anytime by sending us a request through this form (available only in English).