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You can start the game:

  • From the app:
    • at level 0.
    • using tutorials to progress and discover the universe around Renaissance Kingdoms.
  • from the Web :

Going to the next level

To reach the next level, your character has to win some experience points or XP:

Upping to the next level is instantaneous.


Adventures & Quests

Adventures are interactive tutorials, mandatory for every new character, on the app only.
Secondary quests are missions, actions concerning virtues and sins and many other aspects to developp.

They are made of various objectives for your character or for yourself, as a player.

To access them, you could go:

  • On the Application :
    • IconeAventure02.png Adventures,on the bottom left of the screen Village
  • On the Web :
    • InterfaceAventures.png Adventures, in the middle left of the interface


  • Do not forget to put a password before leaving the application, or your account will not be saved.
  • Adventures are accessible only from the application at the moment.
  • Mandatory means that you need to finish adventures on the application before being able to connect through the web.


Those are hourly or daily work and can take place:


  • Activities that are not synchroneous does not bring experience points at the moment (leading an army, teaching at a university, fishing on a boat, etc.)


Bonuses are given at each level up.

They are identical for every character, whether you are on the App or on the Web:

  • On the app, a pop-up appeared when you level-up and notices you of the earned bonus
  • On the web, bonus are automatically transferred in the character's inventory at the next connection.


  • Details about said bonuses are available on the corresponding page.

Unlocking activities

Based on the level of your character, he will be able to:

Level Actions available Version
  • Start the adventure
Chapter 2
  • Buy a house for 80 pounds
Chapter 3 Application
  • Start the adventure
  • Throw a duel in the arena of the town
  • Pray in the crypt of a king
  • Buy:
    • a field for 50 pounds
    • a house for 80 pounds
20 Both
25 Both
  • Revolt
  • Traval / Rob
30 Both
50 Both
51 Both
100 Both
250 Both