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An "early access" version of the mobile application was launched in the late September of 2019. As announced,

Since Renaissance Kingdoms is a universe which has existed in its web-based version for more than 15 years, the early access model appeared to be the right choice to involve its community of passionate players in the development of the mobile version.

The project started with a wish and a clear idea in mind: attract new players because flourishing villages mean increased interactions.

The final beta version of the Renaissance Kingdoms Mobile App, RK 2.0, went live on February 17, 2021. New elements and changes of the Renaissance Kingdoms Mobile App are regularly introduced in Game Announcements and video recaps on Celsius Online YouTube channel (External link)

The Mobile App is available for installation on Android and iOS platforms.

Web-based version vs Mobile App version

The mobile app is created in such a way that the player can freely switch between mobile and web-based versions of the game. However, one should be aware of the fact that the mobile app uses a new system to manage activities, action points (APs), while the web version still uses timers for these activities.

Additionally, the mobile app introduces two new features: minigames and adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play the same character on the mobile app and on the web-based version?

YES. You can freely switch from one version to the other, connect to the app during the day and then connect again to the web-based version, and vice versa.

Can I buy gems when using the App?

It's not possible at the moment. However, Premium services (Packs, Boosts, etc.) are available, both on iOS and Android.

I am using a phone which is not Android or iOS, what about the old mobile version of the game?

The old mobile website is no longer updated, but neither removed yet so that the few players who need it can still use it when they cannot access their computer.

I am experiencing a bug in the app, where do I report it?

All the bugs detected can be reported by posting to a dedicated forum topic A bug to report? Un bug à signaler? (External link)

What's next?

Game Announcement posted on February 17, 2021 says:

The launch of the RK Mobile App is taking baby steps from now on to May 2021. As of today, we are still in a soft launch phase and we'll focus on gathering your feedback and fixing leftover bugs while frantically looking for unexpected issues we might have overlooked! [...] By May 2021, with the return of warmer days and (hopefully!) a 100% refined app, we will initiate targeted advertising campaigns on social media, reaching out to potential partnerships/influencers.