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Minigames are one of the features exclusively available for users playing via Mobile App. Minigames are linked to the work in the mines and activities of collecting village's natural resources (i.e. fishing in the village's lake, fruit picking in the village's orchard, woodcutting in the village's forest).

Each time one starts such an activity, (s)he needs to play a minigame. Activity will be a bit less or a bit more profitable, according to the score achieved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's the general idea?

A: Each time you work in a mine, pick fruits in an orchard, fish in a lake or by the sea, cut wood, you can play a minigame corresponding to your activity. Depending on your score, your activity will be a bit more or a bit less profitable. These are not RP games, they are not 100% part of the RK universe, but their main aim is to give you a bit more fun.

Q: How many games are there?

A: Six in all for the moment: 3 for the mines, 1 for picking, 1 for fishing and 1 for woodcutting.

Q: How much of a bonus (or malus) can a minigame give?

A: Each time you start a game, the info is displayed on your screen, you will win or lose a small amount, you never risk losing half of your production or winning twice your production thanks to the minigames.

Q: How can I see the score I have to reach to get the biggest bonus?

A: You can't for now, this is one of the things we are going to add in the coming weeks.

Q: All this stuff about bonus/penalty, what does it change for mine management and what the Counties spend and earn?

A: Nothing changes on that side: whatever the bonus/penalty to the productivity of the miner was (that is to say the player scores in the minigames), for the Counties, it is as if each miner had done a classic work session just like the web-based version of the game. The County does not spend more or less for the salary depending of the bonus/penalty of the platers. The salaries and incomes of the Counties are fixed, just like in the web-based version of the game.

Q: I cannot access the three mine minigames in my County, why?

A: If a minigame corresponds to a mine which is currently closed, then you cannot play it. If your county has less than 3 mines, then one mine will have several minigames.

Q: Can I play minigames to train myself, just for fun, without choosing an action?

A: No.

Q: How many games can I play?

A: Each time you choose a new activity such as mines or resources, you can play a game. So, if you work in the mine for 2 hours, you play a game. And if you work for 22 hours in the mine, that's still only one game.

Q: If I work for the IMW, can I play a "Mine" minigame??

A: You can't.

Q: If I fish on a boat, can I play a "Fishing" minigame?

A: You can't.

Q: What about the IMW?

A: You still can't.


Dig or Fall

Dig or Fall game.png

For the Dig or Fall game, the tutorial is implemented in-game.

Under Pressure

Under Pressure game.png

For the Under Pressure game, the tutorial is implemented in-game.

Cliff Hopper

Cliff Hopper game.png

Cliff Hopper is an endless runner-type game. You have to run while avoiding getting crushed or falling in the lava.

Tap on the screen once to jump or turn. Tap twice in quick succession to double jump.


Fish&Ship game.png

The Fish&Ship game is linked to the activity of fishing in the village's lake.

In the Fish & Ship game, you must catch the fish of the right color within the allocated time. The type of fish you have to catch is displayed in the upper right corner.

Swipe your finger on the screen to send a ray of light and reveal the fish hidden in the water. Using the ray of light costs energy: you can see your energy bar at the top of the screen.

Tap the fish you want to catch. Once it's done, proceed to the next fish.

Lumber Jackass

Lumber Jackass game.png

The Lumber Jackass game is linked to the activity of woodcutting in the village's forest.

In the Lumber Jackass game, you have to cut wood within the allocated time without getting crushed by a branch.

Tap at the left or the right of the tree to move your lumberjack and cut wood. Choosing to go left or right allows you to avoid the branches falling on you.

Each time you cut a piece of wood, you add more time to the timer.

Jam Session

Jam Session game.png

The Jam Session game is linked to the activity of fruit picking in the village's orchard.

In the Jam Session game, tap the basket and slide it on the screen to pick fruits.