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The inventory of your character is their pockets or backpack. It contains all of the objects and pounds (currency) that is carried with the character.

In the inventory, you can:

  • view information on an object by clicking the Infobutton.png icon next to the item.
  • list an object for sale on the market
  • sell an object directly to the Town Hall if Autobuy is available
  • eat a piece of food
  • transfer an object to:
    • your chest, also known as your property's inventory (only available when in your home town and you own a house)
    • your flat
    • an army's inventory (only available if you are in an army)
    • the hold of a ship if your are onboard
  • use a weapon or a tool
  • add a piece of clothing to your wardrobe
  • drink a potion, a Curative compound or a philtre
  • throw away an object (not all items can be thrown away)

The amount you can carry in your inventory is limited by your Load, thus your inventory is limited. If you are over encumbered, you will be unable to travel.

Example Inventory: