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Load is a concept that limits the ability to transport objects. It applies to:

When your character's inventory exceeds the permitted load limit, it is not able to:

Character can always embark on a ship (or disembark) if the load limit set by the ship captain is larger than characters total load.


Weight of items

Each product has its own weight.

The load of one character being the sum of all items weight in the concerned inventory. Weight of the grant is added to that of the inventory. If the grant's weight is 100 and the inventory weight is 60, then character's inventory will be 160 weight in total.

Clothes and equipment, if in the wardrobe doesn't count as weight. Likewise, everything that character has equipped is not taken into account in the inventory size (e.g. small ladder, large ladder, shield, sword, axe, staff, ship, stick, etc...).

Increasing load limit

To increase load limit, your character must:

  • Increase strength: +20 points per 50 strength points (i.e. +100 with 250 strength)
  • Possess certain tools in your inventory (or in the Grant) - non-cumulative effect whether it is the same item or different items:
  • Being a wanderer: +50 points
  • Joining a group: when your character is part of a group, his companions can carry the products that overweight him and make him exceed his maximum load
  • Buy the traveling merchant pack in premium access: + 400 points
  • Have the treatise on non-Euclidean geometry in your inventory: +100 points

Example of group load:

  • If your character's companion still has free space (his load isn't at max), your character can carry more load than it's personal limit is, as long as sum of loads of all characters in the group doesn't go over the limit of the group load. In that case, your companion will carry the load difference for you. This help is transparent and you do not need to actually exchange products. This is very useful for transporting very big products such as the mast of a ship. However, if a companion suddenly wants to buy a very beautiful tapestry and he no longer has space to carry your character's products, the latter will again find himself wearing them alone. He will therefore not be able to overload someone else.

Calculate the load

In the inventory of your character and in the inventory of the property, the total sum of the weight is automatically calculated and indicated next to your maximum authorized load but also next to the maximum authorized load of your group if you have one. Similarly, for each object, the sum total of their weight is shown in a column "Weight".

There is also a page to calculate load (useful when planning a big purchase before traveling):

Load of an army

Free load of the army corresponds to the sum of the remaining load of each soldier. For example, if the army has 2 soldiers who have load of 200/500 and 150/300 respectively, the army will have a free load of 450 and total load of 800.

If the army leader has exceeded his load limit, then the army cannot move.

A soldier who has exceeded his load limit will be ejected from the army and will not be able to follow the army leader. If he has already decided to follow the leader, he will be ejected during the passage of the day.


  • Soldier inventory and grants will take priority over army inventory! So if an army cannot transport all the items it has, it will stay put.