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The flat is a property that can be considered a main or secondary residence.

Buying a flat


Your character can :

  • buy a flat in a capital city only.
  • own one flat in each capital city and therefore own up to 82 of them.

In order to buy one on the land market, it has to :

  • be in a capital city.
  • be level ≥ 50.
  • own at least 500 pounds in its inventory.

It cannot be :

  • resold
  • nor be put on a slot in the town's 3D view.


  • Special mention to Danelle, Mooze and Secretum who own one flat in each capital city in the world, making 82 flats.
  • The creation of a mansion in the same capital city as a flat results in the destruction of the flat. The items stocked in it are automatically transfered to the mansion's inventory.

Accessing a flat


You can access a flat through :


  • Your character cannot drop items in a flat if it does not find itself in the town where the flat is located.

Possessing a flat

The advantages of owning a flat:

  • each flat grants 5 Influence points
  • your character does not need to spend the night in a hotel (cost: 1.00 pound per night)
  • it is not subject to taxes.
  • it allows your character:


  • Making a flat the main residence of your character won't destroy its fields nor its workshop.