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Main Character

The term character is used by many players to speak out of character (OOC or off-roleplay) about their character within the game.

It is a question here of showing well the border which exists between the avatar and the player, border which is identical to that which can exist between the real life and the role play.

Additional Character(s)

In addition to his/her main character, a player may have up to 4 additional characters. All those additional characters are legal and are not considered multi-accounts. The first additional character is free to create and every next character costs some gems: 150 for the second one, 300 for the third one and 450 for the last one.

There are many limitations for additional characters like:

  • they can't live/be in the same County as main character or any other additional character
  • at any time only one of the characters can be in an army
  • at any time only one of the characters can be a councilor, or even a candidate for Council member
  • etc