From Official Wiki of the Renaissance Kingdoms

The multi-accounting means that a player owns several characters within the Renaissance Kingdoms.

This is totally prohibited and repressed by the administrators of the game. Anyone who violates this rule may have their characters sanctioned with eradication.

Before this final consequence, a mail from the Inquisition is sent to you when you are spotted and suspected of cheating. If you immediately stop the activity of all your characters (that is to say, you do not log into their account at all) except one that you wish to keep, then the latter will no longer be worried. If you continue to defraud then all of your accounts will be deleted.

It is nevertheless possible to play with several people on the same Internet connection, however several conditions must be met. Characters, controlled from the same connection must not:

And anyway, in order to officially avoid any problem, you have a page allowing you to declare a shared connections. By making this declaration, things that are prohibited to you between accounts using the same connection will be inaccessible to you, so no risk of eradication.

There are a few myths about the administrators' leniency towards multi-accounting. To avoid eradication, there is no point in:

  • Defend yourself in regards to your seniority on the game
  • Defend yourself in regards to your participation in the game
  • To say that you bought a lot of gems via premium access