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Trust is one of the characteristics of your character.

It increases when other characters place their trust in you through:

  • the Mobile App:
    • IconAvatar.png Avatar > IconCharacter2.png My Character
  • the Web:
    • InterfaceMe.png Me > My Character

Your character can grant 2 trust points per week, from Sunday at 5:00 PM to the next Sunday at 5:00 PM.
As your character's charisma increases, the number of trust points they can grant increases too. When your character's charisma reaches 255, they can grant a maximum of 5 trust points per week.

When you grant trust to another character, the following occurs:

  • your character's name is added to their character sheet,
  • your character's inclination tilts towards the virtuous side.

To grant trust to another character, you need to:

  • open the menu at their character profile page: MoreOptionsButton.png
  • click on the button to grant the trust point: GiveTrustPointButton.png

Trust points are added to the reputation points (ReputationIcon.png), and their maximum depends on your character's level:

  • levels 0 to 10: 3
  • levels 11 to 30: 17
  • levels 31 to 50: 30
  • levels 51 to 250: 40
  • levels ≥ 251: 200


  • Your character cannot grant trust to another character if their name is still present on their character profile page. You must wait for your character's name to disappear before you can grant trust to them again.