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Reputation is one of the Characteristics of your character.
The number of reputation points your character has is located in the "Me" page, accessible through the menu on the left side of the interface.

It should be noted that reputation points have two types:

  • Classic Reputation Points can be obtained by:
  • Trust Points are an additional source of Reputation Points.
    • They are given by other players, via a link located on your Character Sheet.

How to give Trust Points:

  • Click the hyperlinked name of the character you wish to give your trust.
  • Click the blue circle button, located in the bottom right corner of their Character Sheet. (1)
  • Click the handshake button. (2)
    • If the character is unable to receive additional Trust Points, then you will be prompted with the following message:
      "Character has already reached the maximum of Trust Points for his/her level."

Char Sheet-Giving Trust.png

Reputation is part of the Leveling System:

  • Level III requires at least 5 Reputation Points,
    • a maximum can be from 3 Trust Points.
  • Level IV requires at least 15 Reputation Points,
    • a maximum can be from 8 Trust Points.
  • Level V requires at least 35 Reputation Points.
    • a maximum can be from 17 Trust Points.
  • Level VI requires at least 100 Reputation Points.
    • a maximum can be from 30 Trust Points.

The maximum amount of Reputation Points possible is 255, this includes Trust Points.

Within the Town Information section in your village's Town Hall, the "Presently in Town" list sorts Characters by their Reputation Points.