From Official Wiki of the Renaissance Kingdoms

The game interface is what you see on your screen when you log in to your account. It's from there that you direct everything your character does in the world of the Renaissance Kingdoms.

It is composed of several parts:

"Vital" Information

At the top right, a bar containing five boxes gives you several pieces of information about your character:

  • The pounds they have in their inventory (we can say that these are in their pocket, because pounds stored in the property's inventory or in the grants do not appear here)
  • Their current health
  • Their hunger for the current day, which changes each time they consumes a food item until they are full
  • Their current activity, which is updated as soon as they commence work
  • The gems you have

Main Window

In the middle of the interface is the main window where the different pages accessible by the navigation menu and those accessible by the options menu appear. Once in one of these pages, tabs appear above these windows in order to navigate in the different parts of these pages, if there are any.

Scrolling messages

Messages can scroll above the main window, just below the tabs (when there are any displayed). These are messages posted by other players via "Miscellaneous Purchases" in the Premium Access.

Navigation menu

In the middle left of the page there is a navigation menu which allows you to access all the important parts of the game:

The Kingdom Associated Press

Just below the navigation menu, you can see scrolling texts. These are the titles of the articles that are published by all the reporters of the Renaissance Kingdoms in your region, gathered in what is called the Kingdom Associated Press (external link) or KAP. Anyone can become an editor at the KAP, but you have to apply first (external link)!

By clicking on one of these titles you can access the KAP and read all the articles.

Please note that some articles are automatically generated, especially those reporting on election results.

The Options Menu

At the bottom left, under the Kingdom Associated Press articles window, there are four buttons:

Miscellaneous links

At the bottom of the main window are three links:

  • "Your country in the kingdoms": if your character is at least level 50 and you have been playing for at least a month, you may volunteer to participate in the translation of the game into other languages.
  • "Game Guides": links to the support page
  • "Log Out": does this need explanation?