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Upon reaching level 25, your charachter, previously peasant, is ready to buy its first workshop and become an artisan. With its workshop, your character will be able to practice its crafting skills.

Buying a workshop

  • Workshop can be bought at the land market, accessed via town hall.
  • Choice of the workshop is done at the time of purchase.
  • Workshop costs 100 pounds.
  • Previously bought workshop can not be sold at the land market.
  • Your character can own only one workshop at a time.
  • Your character will be able to change its workshop later. To do so, the workshop needs to be destroyed first. It is an irreversible action, and 100 pounds are to be paid for re-building.
  • Special workshops are not available upon reaching level 25.


  • When buying a workshop, 100 pounds simply disappear: this means that the money spent doesn't benefit the treasury of town hall or county.
  • Your character must destroy its first workshop (reset) to be able to buy a special workshop. Special workshops are productions that are regionally specific.

Land market workshops.png

Working in a workshop

  • The chosen production may take from 1 to several hours (or equivalent amount of action points). It can be affected by unlocking certain skills in the skill tree.
  • It is impossible to work elsewhere at the same time.
  • It is impossible to work in the workshop if your character is not present in the town where its main residence is.
  • Before initiating the work, the raw materials necessary for production must be placed in the property's inventory.
  • Once production is completed, the final product can be found in the property's inventory.

Accessing a workshop

  • The workshop is accessible via the menu on the left: "My home" → "My properties" → "Workshop".
  • Your character needs to be present in the town of its main residence to be able to access its workshop.

The types of workshops

Classic workshops

These are productions where food, tools, clothes, weapons, and many more are made:

Special workshops

Special workshops are only available in specific regions. Luxury products used to complete the consumption card upon reaching level 250 are produced in such workshops. Several special workshops are available, including: