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A skill is an ability of your character, giving them a sense of real progress in different domains :

  • Work
  • Politics
  • Agriculture
  • Crafts

How to Acquire a Skill?

Skills are acquired by spending one or more skill points.

The Shape of The Skill

In the Skill trees, a skill is represented by a hexagone. Depending on the status of the skill, the hexagone will have different colours and symbols:

  • black with a Locked.png: one or more prerequisites are locked
  • black: the prerequisites have been unlocked
  • green: one of the levels is completed
  • blue: all levels of the skill are completed

Skills link.png

Skill Levels

Skill levels are between 1 and 5.
They are indicated in the black rectangle with white outlines, lower right corner of the hexagone. First number represents how many levels your character has unlocked, while the second number represents the maximum number of levels of that particular Skill.
The cost of one level may vary from 1 to 5.

What do I need to Unlock a Skill with a Lock?

Some skills may have prerequisites.
On the trees, this aspect is materialized by a white line between two hexagones.
For a skill which needs prerequisite to be unlocked, your character needs to achieve at least one level of the prerequisite skill.