Skill point

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Skill points (Learn button skill tree.png) allows you character to unlock their skills from the skill tree

Consult My Skill Points

In Skill Trees, you can view your character's individual skill point counter.

Skill points.png

Earn Skill Points

With each new level reached, your character receives:

To level up, your character must earn experience points or XP by performing various activities. The accumulation of XP can be tracked on the bar near your character page, in the upper left corner of the main screen.

Level bar.png

Note :

  • When skill points are awarded in one of the skill trees, the action is final. You can't undo it, so choose wisely!
  • Former players received an equivalent number of skill points based on their character's new level.

Add Skill Points

For our example we will use the skill of "Apprentice Sculptor". If you want to unlock it and improve it here is what you need

  • Have the number of points required by the skill
  • Unlock the necessary prerequisites
  • Click on:
    • skill tree> Crafting> Sculptor (1)
    • the skill (hexagon) you desire to unlock: here "Apprentice Sculptor" (2)
    • one of the sub-skills unlocked (3)
    • the "Learn 1 Learn button skill tree.png" (4)


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