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The town hall is a central location for both administrative and social activities within the game world, providing essential services and opportunities for the characters who reside in the town.

You can access it via:

  • the Mobile App:
    • IconeVillage.png Town > IconeLieux.png Places > App Town Hall.png Town Hall
  • the web :
    • InterfaceVillage02.png Town > Web Town Hall.png Town Hall

In the Renaissance Kingdoms, each town is governed by a mayor elected every 30 days by all its inhabitants. To run for mayor, a character needs to have reached level 15 and acquired the "Municipal ambitions" skill, while anyone with the "Municipal voter" skill can cast their vote. This deviation from historical accuracy is introduced to enhance gameplay and diversity in the game.


  • In the case of the cantons of the Swiss Confederation, a town hall is referred to as the "avoyerie," and the mayor is referred to as the "avoyer."

Here are some key features and actions you can take within the town hall:

Town Hall

  • perform an act of disobedience
  • donate to the town
  • access the town hall, which serves as the town's forum
  • see the list of characters presently in the town by checking the "Information on the village"
  • access the "Town directory of peasants and artisans"
  • review the Prosperity ranking of the town
  • see a list of physicians and their consulting rooms
  • check if ranch keeping is activated or not
  • enlist in the militia if there are available posts
  • read the mayor's name and the mayor's message


Job offers

  • see active job offers and accept offers to work for other characters, the town hall, county, army, or port
  • see the latest contracts

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