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A tavern is a place where your character can talk, think, and act with other characters; eat and drink for money, and play ramponneau or tarantella.

Four types of taverns exist:

They are accessible via:

  • the application:
  • the web:

In the tavern screen it is possible to:

The taverns have a total of 8 to 10 seats.
In each tavern, 2 places are reserved:

In each village there is at least one tavern in which your character can:

Talking to others

  • Type the desired text in the input field at the bottom right
  • To whisper something to a visitor without being heard by others: click on the head of the person you want to whisper to and then on "Whisper", then type the text after "/Whisper Nickname" which appears in the input field at the bottom right

Thinking or acting

  • You can display a thought or an action of your character in the discussion, to do this you have to type "/me" before the text you want:
    • Example 1: Typing "/me thinks life is good" will give "MrGroar thinks life is good"
    • Example 2: Type "/me scratches his head" to get "MrGroar scratches his head"

Drinking beer

  • To purchase and drink a beer, click on the picture of your character and then on the pint of beer icon which appears
  • To offer beer to all the other people present: click on the icon in the shape of two pints of beer at the bottom
  • To offer beer to any person present: click on the head of the person you want and then on "Offer a beer"

Eat from the menu

  • To buy from the menu: click on the menu icon at the bottom and choose from the menu

Playing Ramponneau

In some taverns it is possible to play Ramponneau

Various options

  • There are several ways to leave the tavern:
    • Click on the open door icon at the bottom; this solution will indicate to other visitors that you are leaving by greeting them
    • Clicking on the cross to close the window; this will indicate to other visitors that you are leaving by slamming the door, if your character is angry this can be a good alternative
    • Type "/quit" in the text entry field, which has the same result as the first solution
  • To access the character sheet of other visitors: click on the nickname of the person you want
  • To activate/deactivate the sound of the tavern: click on the icon in the shape of a musical note at the bottom
  • To change your seat; click on an empty seat which is indicated by 'available'

A tavern on a node?

Such a tavern is traditionally called a "Campfire" by the players

Attracting people?

An active tavern is very interesting for the general activity of a village. Indeed, the more active taverns a village has (meaning taverns where characters go in numbers, drink beer and spend time talking about anything), the more these villages have priority in the random distribution of births. The smallest villages can rest assured that those with a large number of inhabitants will not be favoured because the activity index of the taverns is divided by the number of inhabitants before being compared to that of the other villages when new players arrive.

Tavern and 3D view

You can set up your tavern(s) on one (or more) location(s) of the 3D view of the village, where the mayor or planning assistant has allowed for this placement. This choice of location is not definitive as you can later change it for a cost of 5 pounds (which will not be given to anyone, they disappear from the game).

Influence points

Owning a tavern gives 5 influence points