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The mayor is a character entrusted with the responsibility of managing a town and its town hall.

They attain the role of mayor through municipal elections and hold office for a maximum term of 30 days.

Within this period, every mayor is vested with the following authority and duties:

  • purchase for the town
  • develop the town and manage the construction sites
  • file a lawsuit
  • review:
    • accounting reports, assessment sheet, tax fraud
    • purchase and sale orders
  • resignation:
    • mayors have the option to resign from their position if they choose to do so
  • donate:
    • money to the county
    • money to someone
  • write a letter to everyone in town
  • manage:
  • appoint assistants and the chief mentor
  • write the information message
  • work in their office (disabled)

In recognition of their role, holding the position of mayor entitles them to several benefits, including: