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The harbourmaster is the person who is nominated for indefinite period of time by the Mines Superintendent of the County that is controlling the port's town or node.

The harbourmaster of a free town by default is the mayor of that town.

There are no pre-conditions for someone to be appointed as harbourmaster and the Mines Superintendent can choose anyone, but for the reason below it is better if that person can have access to the port.

The harbormasters have an office (menu which is only visible when they are present in the port) and from that office they can access the following:

  • Port message to update the notification board of the port
  • Works and repairs in order to expand the port
  • Port inventory to deposit products and pounds. In order to get products to deposit in the port inventory, the harbourmaster must receive a grant from the Sheriff or the mayor. After that he can put everything into the port inventory. Nothing from the port inventory can be recovered back and it stays there for future use.
  • Communication with captains who are making requests to dock or repair their ships
  • Dry docks to:
    • Start the construction of a new ship
    • Manage the repairs of a damaged ship
  • Crew's nest where they can monitor the surroundings of the port.
  • Resign (Warning, irreversible action)

Being nominated harbourmaster gives 30 influence points.

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