Renaissance Kingdoms

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Official introduction

Released in October 2004 in French, Renaissance Kingdoms is a free online multiplayer game. A role-playing, management, strategy and political game, it immerses the player in Europe at the end of the Middle Ages. You must distinguish yourself among your peers, if you wish to reach the top of the pyramid, by cunning, charisma, money or strength. You can convince your friends to follow you in a glorious revolution, you can more discreetly try to influence politics with your money or lobbying, or you can shamelessly collaborate with the powers that be to get a piece of the pie.

Unofficial introduction

Renaissance Kingdoms is a game requiring a personal involvement without which it is impossible to have fun in it, unless of course one likes to take care of a character as one would a tamagotchi.

It is possible to occupy many functions (from robber to duke, from monk to cardinal, from soldier to captain, passing by doctor, singer, tavern keeper, knight, peddler, etc...) which can be both ingame and roleplay.

There is no question here of racing for level x, firstly because you will never be able to catch up with the older ones, secondly because this will give you almost no advantage in accessing 95% of the existing functions, and thirdly because going from one level to another can be very time-consuming...

The interactivity allowed is of a high standard, and is often vital to the survival of a village, a duchy and even a kingdom. The production of products and foods requires common work, war even more so, and religion too.

There are many possibilities: travel through at least 15 kingdoms and visit almost 300 villages, meet more than 150,000 other people, found a brotherhood, spread heresy or crusade against it, gather thousands of people behind a common policy, overthrow power through mountains and valleys, become very rich or live as a wanderer, etc... All doors are open! All you have to do is walk through them.