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In the "Helpdesk", you can:

  • contact support to submit a request, formerly a ticket
  • read the Almighty's advice on how to use the helpdesk
  • track all your submitted requests

The helpdesk is accessible via:

Contacting Support

The link "Submit a request" (1) allows you to contact the game administrators to find a solution regarding:

  • Billing: Gems and Premium problems
  • Gameplay: For questions and information about game features.
  • Abuse: to report an issue in-game (an inappropriate message, a bug abuse, the bad behavior of a player..)
  • Bugs: To report a bug or an exploit.
  • Castle: To request a castle hold.
  • Justice: To report a breach of the OOC Rules of Justice.
  • Clones: To report a suspicion of clones or multi-accounts.
  • Account: Anything which concerns the security, settings or recovery of your game account.


Consult the FAQ or the Almighty's advice

The link "FAQ" (2) allows you to know how to use the helpdesk.


Tracking your requests

The link "My activities" (3) allows you to follow the progress of all your requests. To access this link, simply click on the name of your character in the top right-hand corner.