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The avatar is the character you play in the game Renaissance Kingdoms. It's not you as player. Let it be said, known, repeated and understood. Of course your character can resemble yourself because very often the players tend to identify with their characters. It is also possible that your character's physics looks like you if the random generator of the physics of your character creates an avatar very similar to yourself, but you better not rely on it ... The first thing to do when you start playing is therefore to find a background or story for your character.

You are free to do whatever you want with your character, within the limits of the possibilities offered by the interface of the game. One nuance, however: at the level of the role play you are really completely free to develop the story of your choice, however you must respect the undeniable fact that the world of Renaissance Kingdoms takes place in the Middle Ages, just before the Renaissance; it is not a fanciful medieval world where fairies and ogres rule the law, but on the contrary a world which aims to be realistic. In addition, if some aspects will sometimes make you smile (such as the existence of municipal elections for example), you should know that the creators of game ([Celsius Online] (external link)) claim the chronic aspect of the Renaissance Kingdoms, so don't be offended by these details and respect the medieval feel of the game as much as possible. If you take yourself for a hobbit, the other players will make you understand via their character that it doesn't fit at all and you risk ending up on a stake ...