State Points

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What is it?

State Points (SP) are the amount of work that a character can provide as a civil servant for a county or a town hall.

Why do we need state points?

Counties and town halls need to accumulate state points in order to be able to perform various activities. To accumulate state points, sheriff or mayor needs to post a job offer. These offers are visible in the job offers section of the corresponding town hall (when the sheriff is posting an offer, the town hall in which it will be visible needs to be selected too).

State points can be accumulated in the five different fields:


  • County: each day, a certain number of Government State-Points is consumed, and it depends on the prestige of the county:
    • Prestige: 0: One and a half Government State-Points, every hour: 36 SP/day
    • Prestige: *: One and a half Government State-Points, every hour: 36 SP/day
    • Prestige: **: One Government State-Points, every hour: 24 SP/day
    • Prestige: ***: One Government State-Points, every two hours: 12 SP/day
    • Prestige: ****: One Government State-Points, every two hours (excluding 4 a.m. and 6 a.m.): 10 SP/day
    • Prestige: *****: No Government State-Points are consumed: 0 SP/day





How to produce State Points?

A character must be at least level 100 and have 100% knowledge in some scholastic skills of a state way.

How many state points can a character produce?

For having 100% knowledge in each of the following scholastic skills, 10 State-Points can be produced in the corresponding field:

Once a character masters the Study of Government Institutions, a bonus of 10 State-Points is randomly assigned daily to one of the 5 fields. This means that a character can sometimes produce 10 SP in a field even without reaching 100% knowledge in a corresponding skill.

The number of state points that a character can produce is indicated in its character sheet. This is true for characters who are students of the state way or army way. These details are accessible by hovering the name of the way displayed in the character sheet.


It takes 22 hours or 100 action points to complete a civil servant job. It is impossible to work elsewhere at the same time.