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The trophies are accessible via:

  • the App:
  • the Web:
    • InterfaceMe.png Me > InterfaceCharacterSheet.png Character profile page > FiconeTrophees.png Trophies

All players can get them:

  • by doing some actions with their characters,
  • when their characters are in a certain state.

Trophies cannot affect your character, even less the roleplay you decide on. As the players of Mrgroar and Sahinbey think, trophies are players' entertainment (hence not for your characters, as you understood already). They are for the spirit of competition and collection. When you've got them, you keep them for life. Trophies don't reflect the current state of your character either.

A list of currently known trophies and memories include:



20 last shots for the road

SPk trophe 20bieres.png Drink 20 beer during Saint Patrick's weekend

50 shades of beer

SPk trophe 50bieres.png Drink 50 beer during Saint Patrick's weekend

100 drinks later

SPk trophe 100bieres.png Drink 100 beer during Saint Patrick's weekend

Ace of Aces

POKER as des as.png Click on a specific spot in Bambara


Accro.png Have more than one year of experience

Adept jouster

JouteurAmateur.jpeg Having completed a saracen joust.

Air Mastery

AirMastery.png Complete all the recipes in the Air branch

Alchemical Mastery

AlchemicalMastery.png Complete all recipes in all branches

All in

POKER Tapis.png Do not have any cards on the table anymore

Ancient wealth

O-l-obole-2.png Gain 100 Oboli

A new life

NouvelleVie.png Travel to another village

  • Travel through nodes or board a ship is enough.


Antenigme.png Have solved the riddle of the anti-oar.

Anti-oar rowing

TrophyAntiOarRowing .jpeg Destroy the first armada of Obscura Nebulae

Anti-smoothness Mastery

AntiSmoothnessMastery.png Complete all the recipes in the Anti-smoothness branch


TirALarc participation.png Take part in an archery tournament

Around the Board

FF FeteForaine.png Go around the Summer Festival board

As crafty as a monkey

MalinCommeUnSinge.png Reach 20 in intelligence by eating

A Taste for Liquor

Degustation-fin-d-annee.png Having tasted 5 different 1466 Christmas Liqueurs

A taste of terror

Halloween gout2terreur.png Eat a pumpkin pie.


Athlete.png Reach 100 in strength by eating

Autumn falls

TombeLAutomne.png Shaking the tree of the autumn festival.

Autumn walk

PromenadeAutomnale.png Take a full tour during the 2021 autumn festival.

A well-filled purse

UneBourseBienRemplie.png Have more than 1000 pounds on you

Bad Twinning

Monop15 trophe jumelage.png Validate a wrong combination

Bam bambara

POKER bambarapide.png Validate at least 2 correct combinations in under 5 minutes

Barter Town

Monop15 trophe troc.png Make an exchange on the Grand Card Exchange

Booth Leader

Monop15 trophe chefStand.png Have at least 3 offers up at the same time on the Grand Card Exchange

Born to be a king

BornToBeAKing.png Apply to be elected King

Boy Obol!

O-l-obole.png Gain 10 Oboli

Breaking through the Shell

PercerLaCarapace.jpeg Watching a Small Turtle hatch

Burning a hole in your pocket

MeceneAntiquaire.png Exchange at least 50 gold doubloons at the antique dealer

  • alternative: Exchange at least 50 Sesterces with the Mine foreman

Buying group

CentraleDAchats.png Buy more than 50 articles at once on the market

Cannon fodder

Mort combat.png Get flattened by an army

Captain Haddock

CapitaineHaddock.png Yell some stupid things from a boat

Castle Walk

JardinsChateau.png Obtain the Castle Garden background and place it in the wardrobe


POKER Bordelique.png Move your cards on the table 100 times

Chaos expert

POKER bordelique expert.png Move your cards on the table 200 times


Charmeur.png Reach 20 in charisma by eating


Paque2020.png Buy a Head Chef's Hat in the Easter shop

Christmas Euergetist

Noel2015 pingouinComplet.png Contribute greatly to building a Snow Guardian

Christmas Glutton

GloutonDeNoel.png Eat more than 50 candies found in Azazel's Boxes of Delight

Christmas Sleigh

Noel2015 traineau.png Built your Christmas sleigh

City of the desert

LaCiteDuDesert.png Visit Alexandria

Collateral damage

TirALarc dommage.png Miss the target on every shot during an archery tournament


Q14 trophe compagnie.png Join a Quest Company

Completed Deck

Bambara18 jeuComplet.png Have at least 32 cards one the on the Bambara table

Compulsive shopping

AchatCompulsif.jpeg Have spent 1000 coupons in the joust shop

Correct Twinning

Monop17 trophe Bjumelage.png Vallidate a correct combination in the game of 7 Provinces


Cresus.png Have more than 25000 pounds on you


Q14 trophe flanc.png Fall like a moulded custard

Diligent collector

AlbumRR3DEchange.png Complete a spread of the album


Dinosaure.png Have more than five years of experience

Don Juan

StV15 trophe donJuan.png Offer flowers for Valentine's day to at least 5 persons

Doting Dad or Mom

LOeufOuLaCloche.png Hatch an Easter Mytery Egg

Drunken Monk

Moine Ivre.png Play the Drunken Monk game


Duelliste.png Accept a duel in the arena

Earth Mastery

EarthMastery.png Complete all the recipes in the Earth branch

Easter Bunny

Paq16-lapin.png Click on a precise spot during the Easter Game...

Easter Egg

Paq2016 oeuf.png Eat a chocolate egg during the Easter game.

Easter Unlucky Scratcher

Paq trophe looser.png You often choose the wrong ones to scratch

Eco-friendly catering

TrophyEcoFriendlyCatering .jpeg Recover a card that you have recycled

Editor Muneris

EditorMuneris.png Organize a Duel

Essential Purchases

PremiereNecessite.jpeg Having purchased an item in the joust shop

Everyone has the right to a joker

DroitASonJoker.png Create a Joker card

Everything must go

ToutDoitDisparaitre.png Have more than 100 articles up for sale on the market

Exceptional jouster

JoueurDException.jpeg To have won 10 equestrian joust victories

Exploration Addict

ExpAddict.png Exploring every corner of a map

Family line Assured

LigneeAssuree.png Acknowledge a child

Fire Mastery

FireMastery.png Complete all the recipes in the Fire branch

Fish Day

JourDuPoisson.png Eat fish on a Friday


SPk trophe flush.png Play a Flush in a game of poker in a tavern

Fortune hunter

FortuneHunter.jpeg Eat 10 Fortune cookies

For Better or for Worse

UnionSacre.png Get married


Q14 trophe fouille.png Break a shovel or a pickaxe digging


Fossil.jpeg Have more than twenty years of experience

Four of kind

SPk trophe carre.png Play Four of a kind in a game of poker in a tavern

From 7 to Ace

POKER 7aAs.png Have a card of each rank, whatever their colours are


TropheNoel 1renne.png Sculpt an ice reindeer

Full House

SPk trophe full.png Play a Full House in a game of poker in a tavern


Athlete.png Reach 255 in intelligence by eating

Geography fan

GeoFan.png Validate a 5 Capital Cities card combination

Gift in kind

GiftInKind.jpeg Find yourself undressed after eating a Fortune cookie

Gimme *burp* five!

ParlerBourreMarchand.png Chat with a merchant while dead drunk

Gingerbread Man

Noel2019-bonhomme-pain-epices.png Eat gingerbread at Christmas time

Give me four

TapeMEnQuatre.jpeg Have made a combination with four Attack cards during the joust.

Give me my *Hips* money back!

BiereQuiRoule.png Playing coin-spitter being totally drunk

God of jousting

DieuDeLaJoute.jpeg To have won 100 victories by jousting

Going around in circles with the antioar

Antirame.png Have read the inscription engraved on an anti-oar.

Golden Birth

NaissanceRoyale.png Having witnessed the hatching of a Golden Eagle.

Golden Halloween fingernail

Hlw trophe gratteur.png You have discovered two identical symbols and won a prize!

Golden nail

Paq trophe gratteur.png You have found the two similar symbols on an Easter scratchcard and won a prize!

Goose bumps

Jdo2x6.png Roll a 6 and then another in the Goose Game

Goose cooked!

JdoPrison.png Go directly to jail in the Goose Game, without passing GO and getting some foie gras ...

Goose Game!

JdoWinner.png Take a forced shortcut in the Goose Game

Goose King

RR Oieyaliste.png Get the prize from a slice of Goose Cake

Hakuna Matata

HakunaMatata.png Have no money on you or in your property

Hand of the King

LaMainDuRoi.jpg Click on a precise spot of the Goose Game

  • You have to click on something on the 3rd page of the Goose Game.


HeadshotNoel.png Kick somebody's butt by hitting him or her with a snowball right in the face.


Hercule.png Reach 255 in strength by eating


Heros.png Reach 255 in charisma by eating

Hero of the flame

HerosFlamme.png To have brought the torch back to the county capital

Hey Bambara!

HeeeBambara.png Obtain the exclusive Bambara 2021 items (outfit, frame, accessories and pet) and place them in the wardrobe.

Homo Sapiens

HomoSapiens.png Reach 100 in intelligence by eating

Honorary Citizen

Noel2015 pingouinPartiel.png Help build a village Snow Guardian

Horse trader

AlbumRR3DPage.jpg Use the Exchange to perform an trade

Hot wine in your face

VinChaudEnPleineFace.png Get a bottle of wine during the snowball battle

How much is a mansion again?

HowMuchIsAMansionAgain.jpeg Have completed the construction of a mansion

I love bacon!

HummmCharal.png Eat meat 7 times in a row

I love sauerkraut!

MoiJaimeLaChoucroute.png Write a private message with the word choucroute

I'm a R.O.B.O.T

ImARobot.png Fail to type the correct captcha for sending a mail 3 times in a row

I'm late! For a very important date!

LeTerrierDuLapin.png Catching up with the autumn festival rabbit.

Independent producer

IndependentProducer.png Execute a recipe for a rare ingredient

Indifferent to robbery!

InsensibleAuBrigandage.png Have at least 10 interesting stones in your personal inventory


Indisclansable.png Bring at least 250 influence points to your Family Clan


Tavernier.png Open a tavern or a campfire

In Red and Green

RouxEtVert.png Everything's green and you're flaming red, with St. Patrick's Day spirit, both heart and head.

Intercounty dead last

Intercounty dead last trophy.jpeg Being part of the county that finished last in the jousts

Intercounty finalist

FinalisteIntercomte.jpeg To have been part of a county in the top 3 of the games

Intercounty influencer

InfluenceurIntercomte.jpeg To have won 500 points for your county during the joust

Intercounty participant

ParticipantIntercomte.jpeg Have played a game of joust in the capital

Intercounty winner

VainqueurIntercomte.jpeg Being part of the winning county of the joust

It burns

CaPique.png Beard me

It's raining pounds

PluieDecus.png Have won pounds from the Coin-spouter

It's rocking!

CaTangue.png Board a ship

It's the taking part that counts

CeQuiCompte.jpeg Having lost a game of joust

It's the thought that counts...

ItsTheThoughtThatCounts.jpeg Open the 25 December window on the same day

Jack of all Candies

GouteAtout.png Taste every type of sweets found in Azazel's Boxes of Delight


POKER Jackpot.png Have 7 cards of rank 7

Junk Shop Owner

Brocanteur.png Have at least 10 offers up at the same time on the Grand Card Exchange

King Cake between friends

Jdo18 galetteAmis.png Offer or receive a slice of King Cake between friends

King of the Cairn

KingOfTheCairn.jpeg Have 10 000 stones in your inventory

King/Quenn of the Daisies

Cueilleur.png Get the spring flower crown at the Easter 2021 event


Landowner.jpeg Own 50 flats


Leader.png Reach 100 in charisma by eating

Life is definitely so smoooooooth!

SainteBoulassePriezPourMoiHips.png Find life smoooooth

Living Relic

Ancetre.png Have more than 10 years of experience

Lonely planet

LonelyPlanet.png Travel through 50 nodes

Lots o'Lottery

Tombola2013.png Buy at least 1 ticket for the 2016 lottery

Lucky Star

FF Jeton.png Get your first star during the Summer Festival


Majeste.png Be elected as a king

  • The former sovereign can only see it, but no-one else can.

Make me a sandwich

MakeMeASandwich.png Have in your personal inventory at least 2 loaves of bread and 1 ham(s)

Man vs Wild

LhommeFaceALabsurde.jpg Fishing with a... fishing rod. What an odd idea!

Maxi Surprise

Maxioeuf.png Open a Maxi Surprise Easter Egg


Bourgmestre.png Be elected as a mayor

Medici banker

MaCassetteMaCassette.png Have more than 10000 pounds on you

Merry *hiccup* Christmas

Joyeux-hips-noel.png Being drunk during the festivities of Christmas


Midas.png Have more than 50000 pounds on you

More than one ace up the sleeve

PlusDunAtoutDansSaManche.png Draw the last card of a tarot deck

Mother Terasa

MereTeresa.png Give money to beggars

Mr. Beaver

PereCastor.jpg Get additional wood thanks to your pet beaver

My great little pony

MonSuperPetitPoney.png Having the rarest pony on your character sheet

My little pony

MonPetitPoney.png Having a pony on your character sheet

Mystery Egg

OeufSurprise.png Find an Easter Mystery Egg

Napadelis Sunk

NapadelisCoule.png Defeat the Napadelis during the last battle of the Armada

Naval Strategist

StrategeNaval.png Get a legendary card in the Armada reinforcement packs

Nein nein nein!

POKER nein nein nein.png Have at least three 9s on your card table

Neophyte Alchemist

NeophyteAlchemist.png Execute a recipe

New Champollion

Champollion.jpg Get a hieroglyph during the 1466 Summer Festival

Nocturnal Festival

FF Cimetierre.png Access the Summer Festival's haunted cemetery

No One Left Behind

TresorsPerdus SauvetageTrou.png Saving someone else from a hole

No pain, no gain

PlusDecus.png Have lost to the Coin-spouter

Novice Cartographer

ApprentiCartographe.png Discover half of the 7 Provinces map.

Novice jouster

JouteurDebutant.jpeg Having completed a full game of joust.

Novice reader

LecteurDebutant.png Read a book


POKER Boulet.png Try and validate a bad hand

Obscura nebulae

TrophyObscuraNebulae .jpeg Destroy the Obscura Nebulae

O Christmas Tree

SapinNoel.png Assemble your 3D Christmas tree


Tombola2013.png Buy at least 10 tickets in the 2013 Raffle.

On the rocks

OnTheRocks.jpeg Buy an interesting stone while drunk

On the Treasure Trail

TresorsPerdus CleMajeure1.png Find the first key of the treasure

Party Very Hearty

Fete-sans-moderation.png Having tasted all of the 1466 Christmas Liqueurs

Peacock King's Inheritance

HeritageDuRoiPaon.png Hold the legendary Sword of the Peacock King

Perfect Battle

BatailleParfaite.png Win an armada battle without losing a single ship and having collected all the treasure chests.


Pigeon.png Get robbed on the road


RR poemesAGogo.png Gotta catch'em all!

  • Buy all poems all across the Renaissance Kingdoms

Poor wretch

PauvreHere.png Beg

Pro jouster

ProDeLaJoute.jpeg Having completed an equestrian joust.

Proud as a Peacock

FierCommeUnPaon.png Proudly display a peacock at your side

Pumping Iron

Gonflette.png Reach 20 in strength by eating

Queen of Sheba

StV15 trophe Sabbat.png Receive flowers for Valentine's day from 5 persons

Raft of the Medusa

Couler.png Go down with all hands into the abyss

Rag and bone man

FaireDeVieuxOs.jpeg Spend 20 Old Bones in Mihraj's shop


Monop15 trophe recycle.png Recycler 5 cards


Recyclomatic.png Using the Trinkets spouter during The Royal Goose Game

Representing the people

RepresentantDuPeuple.png Be elected as a member of a council

Return of the Odds-beater

Tombola2013.png Buy at least 10 tickets for the 2016 lottery

Robin Hood

TirALarc robinDesBois.png Win an archery tournament

Rockhound puppy

RockhoundPuppy.jpeg Have 10 interesting stones in your inventory


Rockollection.jpeg Have 100 interesting stones in your inventory


Rockstar.jpg Have 1000 interesting stones in your inventory

Royal Goose

LeTroneDeFoi.jpg Finish the Goose Game twice


Royaliste.png Meditate in the crypt of a sovereign

Royal Pantheon

Jdo18 murRois.png Complete the Wall of Kings of the Goose Game.

Santa Claus and proud of it

Noel2019-pere-noel-fier.png Chosen a gift to offer as a Secret Santa

Save the Princess

FF Etoiles.png Get more than 120 stars during the Summer Festival

Seasoned archer

TirALarc chevronne.png Take part in three archery tournaments

Sense of belonging

Panesouzix.png Have a father and mother in one's Family Tree

Shepherd's crook

TropheeNiveaux.png Reach Level 30 in Friendsheep

Shiny, isn't it?

CaBrilleNon.png Obtain a gold doubloon

  • alternative: Obtain a Sesterce

Singing Alexandrie, Alexandra!

AlexandrieAlexandra.png Eat a barracuda at Alexandria

Sled lover

TropheNoel Xrenne.png Sculpt 6 ice reindeer

Soul of the jousting

AmeDeLaJoute.jpeg Have made a combination with a copy of each card (Attack, Defence, Technique and Bleed) during the games

Speedy goose

RR ExplOie.png Finish a Goose game with 10 die throws at most

Splish Splash Splosh

Plifplafplouf.png Shoot into the water 5 times in a row during an Armada battle

Spring cleaning

MenageDePrintemps.png Discard 10 objects one after the other

  • You must discard more than 10 objects.


Hobereau.png Own a second field

Staring Game

JeanneAuSecours.jpeg Having obtained the eye patch in an equestrian joust

Straight Flush

SPk trophe quinte.png Play a Straight Flush in a game of poker in a tavern

Summer Games

FF ChifumiPeche.png Play Rock, Paper, Scissors or the fishing game during the Summer Festival


FanInconditionnel.png Have more than three years of experience


Supporter.png Support a duel

Suspended among the Moon and Stars

Promettre etoiles.png Having visited the stars through a divinatory Tarot card.


Merci.png Buy tokens

Thank you guys!

MerciLesCopains.png Get 10 supports during a duel

The 5 cards in your hand

POKER 5Cartes.png Have the exact same card 5 times

Theatrum Mundi

Promettre monde.png Having seen the world through a divinatory Tarot card.

The Black Prince

Dugesclin.png Create an army

The Famous 5

ClubDes5.png Be a member of a Family Clan with at least 5 members

The Great Mass of Easter

LaGrandeMesseDePaques.jpeg Participate in a mass accompanied by a Great Sacred Turtle

The Great Pyramid

PyramideDeRa.jpg Go through the Great Pyramid during the 1466 Summer Festival

The key of Questembert

TheKeyOfQuestembert.jpeg Have a flat in every capital

The smell of blood

OdeurDuSang.jpeg Use a combination of three Bleeding cards during the joust

The Ugly Chick

LeVilainPetitPoussin.png Get a black chick by hatching a mystery egg.

The union makes the flame

UnionFaitFlamme.png Residing in a county where all the torches have been brought back to the capital

The what?

TheWhat.png Obtain the Phiphophopher's Stone

Timelord Goose

TimelordGoose.jpeg Going backwards from a Turn back square in the Royal Goose Game


PorteurFlamme.png Have carried the village torch at least once

To the bone

SansChairEnOs.jpeg Getting an old bone on the Treasure Islands 1470

  • alternative: Obtaining an Old Bone in the Lost Treasures 1471 Ancient Caverns

Travel around the world

VoyageAutourDuMonde.png Discover most of the 7 Provinces map.

Treasure Hunter

TresorsPerdus CoffreFinal.png Finding and opening the treasure chest of the Treasure Islands

Trinket Inserted!

Jdo18 doitAller.png Insert a trinket in the Wall of Kings of the Goose Game

Trophy Master

TrophyMaster.png Have 200 trophies

Try again

TryAgain.png Die

Turtle formation

FormationTortue.jpeg Have made a combination with four Defense cards during the joust

Two Heads in One Shell

DeuxTetesDansUneCarapace.jpeg Watching a two-headed turtle hatch

Um... Hello

TresorsPerdus SauveDunTrou.png Being rescued by someone else from a hole

United Colors

POKER UnitedColor.png Have a card of each colour

Unlucky pumpkin

Hlw trophe looser.png You often scratch the wrong way...

VIP Clan

CulbVIP.png Be part of a Family Clan with more than 1000 influence points

Walking warehouse

EntrepotAmbulant.png Have more than a 3000 pound overload in your personal inventory

Water Mastery

WaterMastery.png Complete all the recipes in the Water branch

Well Done Admiral

BienJoueAmiral.png Win a battle against the Al

We will rock you

WeWillRockYou.jpg Have 1 interesting stone in your inventory

Wheel of the Sun

FF grandeRoue.png Spin the Great Wheel of the Sun

Wild goose chase

JdoChamps.png Take a forced shortcut in the Goose Game

Within a goose of the end

RR 2dOieDeLaFin.png Go back to square one when you were close to the end


StV15 trophe courtise.png Receive flowers for Valentine's Day


StV15 trophe courtisan.png Offer flowers for Valentine's Day

Would you like to be my valentine?

Do you want to be my valentine trophy.png Offer a gift to another player through the Valentine's Day shop

Yes we can!

YesWeCan.png Validate your registration on a county election list

You counted it right

LeComteEstBon.png Be recognized as a count

Yule be happy with this!

CalendrierAvent.png Opened at least 10 windows of the Advent Calendar


Archpriest of Azazel

ArchipretreDAzazel.png Raise your Gluttony Sin to the max

Let's wander in the forest

TropheeCoup.png Win a game of BEEEH by doing more than 50 sheep jumps

The longest scarf

Trophe Granny 99.png Reach the last level of Friend Sheep

Three for all and all for three

Trophe Friend 103.png Get 3 stars in the first 20 levels of Friend Sheep

Three star scarf

Trophe Granny 101.png Get 3 stars in the first 20 levels of Granny Sheep


Divorce seven times

Divorceseventimes.png Love is blind, but marriage restores sight


Bluebeard.png Get rid of seven spouses