Treasure Islands

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Treasure Islands is a temporary event what is launched on occasion by the Administrators (generally in summer).

During the event, the Administrators can activate different kinds of events from year to year.

  • At the Antiquary :
    • Editions : 2021, 2022.
  • Treasure Islands :
    • Éditions : 2020, 2021, 2022.

Purpose of the Game

Explore the treasure islands, find the 4 keys to open the damn chest and... dig it up !

  • the damn Elise Eskilsdotter's chest (2020)
  • the chest and jewels of the great goldsmith Benvenuto Cellini what are buried by the terrible pirate Baldassarre Cossa. (2021)
  • the buried Caliph's chest and thousand and one surprises on these mysterious islands (2022)


Get Exploration points


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How to play ?


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Islands squares

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Squares Effects
IaTRegle01.png The compass gives an indication of the main treasure's location to the player from the center of the island.
IaTRegle02.png The camp grants the player 3 exploration points.
IaTRegle03.png The pounds square grants the character 300 pounds.
IaTRegle04.png The doubloons square grants the character 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 50 doubloons.
IaTRegle05.png The gems square grants the character 300, 3000 gems.
IaTRegle06.png The cassava root square grants the character one cassava root.
IaTRegle07.png The item square grants the character one item, according to the island:
  • a ball of wool
  • a barrel of beer
  • a bushel of salt
  • a bushels of wood
  • a common shrub
  • a fruit
  • a half-cwt of goat
  • an interesting stone
  • an ounce of iron ore
  • a ton of stone
IaTRegle08.png The rescue kit allowing to save a player fallen in a hole square.
IaTRegle09.png The main treasure gives the character, according to the island:
  • an Oriental Explorer turban
  • an Oriental Explorer shirt and Oriental Explorer boots
  • an Oriental Explorer jambiya
  • an Oriental Explorer scarf
  • an Oriental Explorer background and boots
  • a small Roc or 300 pounds or a chalice
IaTRegle10.png The additional treasure gives the character, according to the island (from 2 to 5):
  • a small Roc
  • 300 pounds
  • 2000 gems
  • a chalice
IaTRegle11.png The hole blocks the player until another player saves him or buys a rope at the antiquary.



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Where to read the rules


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To win... doubloons, the parts of the new outfit, a exclusive pet, pounds, gems and thousand and one surprises...