The Royal Goose Game

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Goal of this game

Throw a dice and move on the board of the Goose Game to earn multiple gifts.

Earn throws of dice

You can:

If you buy 150 gems, you receive one free throw of dice and the remaining 500 are saved. If you buy another 150 gems, you will earn two free throws: 150 gems + 50 remaining gems = 2 X 100 gems = 2 free throws.

How to play ?

To play the Goose Game, you have to click upon the picture on the bottom right of the village screen.


Throw the dice and your pawn will move on the board.


Many cases allow you to win gifts, which could be pounds, gems, or objects in the game, or outside of the game.
Those who can finish the game, meaning having their pawn on the last case, earn the possibility to turn the victory wheel!

Cases Effects
JdoRegle01.png When you land on this square, you roll again.
JdoRegle02.png When you land on this square, you win 100 gems
JdoRegle13.png When you land on this square, you win 50 in-game pounds.
JdoRegle03.png When you land on this square, mischievous thieves attack you, blindfold you and take you to another square.
JdoRegle04.png When you land on this square, you advance by the same number of squares as on your previous move.
JdoRegle05.png When you land on this square, you win a slice of french king cake. Is there a trinket inside?
JdoRegle06.png When you land on this square, you spin the Wheel of Fortune and can win a free throw of the die, 1000 gems, or a slice of French King Cake.
JdoRegle07.png When you go through such a square, the path you will follow will be different depending on whether your last roll produced an even or an odd number.
JdoRegle08.png When you land on this square, you get locked up in jail. To get out of jail, you must roll a 6. You will then get a move of 6 squares. After 5 bad rolls, your 6th will free you automatically.
JdoRegle09.png When you land on a Combo square, your combo level goes up by 1 and you win some in-game money. You win 10 pounds at level 1, 100 pounds at level 2, 1000 pounds at level 3 and 10,000 pounds at level 4 or higher! When you go back to square one, your combo level is set back to 0.
JdoRegle10.png When you land on this square, you win 1000 pounds.
JdoRegle11.png At the finish, you spin the Wheel of Victory. You can win 1 Nintendo Switch OLED, 500 pounds, 500 gems or three slices of French King Cake. You will also find a Pony pet in your inventory after each arrival on the last square in the Goose Game. If you are only a few squares away from the finish line and the result of your roll is too big, you move backwards.

Trophies :
During this game, you can win multiple trophies:

  • Goose bumps: Roll a 6 and then another in the Goose Game
  • Wild goose chase: Take a forced shortcut in the Goose Game
  • Within a goose of the end: Go back to square one when you were close to the end
  • Hand of the King: Click on a precise spot of the Goose Game
  • Goose cooked!: Go directly to jail in the Goose Game, without passing GO and getting some foie gras ...
  • Goose Game!: Finish a game of the Goose Game
  • Speedy Goose: Finish a Goose game with 10 die throws at most
  • Royal Goose: Finish the Goose Game twice


Gifts that you could earn are: