Wall of kings

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The wall of kings is a temporary event launched by administrators during the Goose game.
Editions : 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022.

Goal of this game

Set trinkets found in slice of french king cake on the crown of the wall of Kings to earn gifts.

Earn trinkets

To earn them, you can:

  • Buy them directly on the market of the town
  • Eat a slice a french king cake (25 percent chance to earn a trinket)
  • Use the Trinkets spouter

How to play ?

To set a trinket on the crown of the wall of Kings, you must:

  • click on an empty slot of the crown
  • have the corresponding trinket in your character's inventory


  • The order in which you set your trinkets doesn' matter on the gift.
  • Each new trinket set is giving you a gift.
  • Setting a trinket on the wall of kings allows you to earn the trophy "Trinket inserted!".
  • Completing entirely the wall of kings gives you the trophy "Royal Pantheon".


Inserted trinkets earn you: