Trinkets spouter

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The trinkets spouter is an event launched by administrator during the Goose game.
Editions : 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022.

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Goal of the game

Collect every trinket and put them of your wall of Kings.

Earn Mini wooden king cakes

To earn mini wooden king cakes, you can transform your unwanter trinkets from your character's inventory. You need to click on the "use" button (Use.png).

Each trinket will turn into a mini wooden king cake.

How to play ?

Using the trinkets spouter consumes:

  • 50 gems
  • 4 mini wooden king cakes


  • Mini wooden king cakes need to be in the inventory to be used.


The trinkets spouter gives a trinket at every use.
The probability are the same as eating a slice of french king cake: