Summer Festival

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The Summer Festival is an event launched from time to time by the Administrators.

Administrators triggered different games during the event depending on the year:

Goal of the Game

The Summer Festival is a dice-rolling board game in the style of Goose Game. The board has several paths, and the player can choose which path to take, depending on what seems most profitable.

Along the path, the player collects long-tailed notes and nightinkeys, two currencies exclusive to the event. These currencies will enable the player to purchase items, pounds, or dice rolls. On the board, each square gives a reward or triggers a mini-game.

How to obtain throws of the dice?

There are two ways to get cards:

  • directly buy throws of the dice with gems,
  • get one free throw of the dice every time you buy 100 gems,
  • get one free throw of the dice by entering the redeem code: Y635Y8QT5D (2023).

Example :
If you buy 150 gems, you will get one free throw of the dice and a record will be kept of the 50 extra gems; If you buy another 150 gems you will qualify for two free additional throws of the dice: 150 gems + 50 remaining gems = 200 gems = 2 free throws of the dice

Summer Festival Home.png

How to play?

To play the game, click on the image at the bottom right of the town screen.

Summer Festival Bottom Image.png

Roll a dice and your pawn will move forward on the board.


As your pawn advances, you will be able to:

  • win prizes, companions, or currencies exclusive to the event,
  • choose one of the three paths on the gameboard:
    • the normal path around the entire game board,
    • the secret path, unlocked when the player gathers all 4 companions: the donkey, the dog, the cat, and the rooster,
    • the community path, unlocked when the community's Nightinkeys gauge is topped up.
  • play a mini-game:
    • fishing,
    • rock, paper, scissors,
    • a wheel of fortune,
    • a secret wheel,
    • a community wheel.


Summer Festival Gameboard.png

Square Effect or reward
SF Board 01.png When you land on a square with a Long-tailed note, you win as many Long-tailed notes as the number indicated. These Long-tailed notes can then be exchanged for gifts in the shop.
SF Board 02.png When you land on a gem square, you win as many gemmes as indicated.
SF Board 03.png When you land on a pound square, you win as many pounds as the number displayed on the square.
SF Board 04.png When you land on one of those squares, you can play the awesome Summer Festival fishing game for one minute and win pounds and Long-tailed notes.
SF Board 05.png When you reach a crossroad, you can choose which way to go by clicking on the path you want to follow.
SF Board 06.png When you land on such a square, you get a free throw of the dice and can then move on.
SF Board 07.png On this square, you can bet Long-tailed notes during a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. You can choose 0, 5, 20 or 50 Long-tailed notes. If you win, you double the bet but if you lose, you lose the Long-tailed notes you've bet. If it's a draw, you just keep your Long-tailed notes. So, feeling lucky?
SF Board 08.png When you land on this square, you can spin the Wheel of fortune for free, and you can win up to 150 Long-tailed notes!
SF Board 09.png Pass over the companion squares to form your entire troupe of musicians, and unlock the secret access!
SF Board 10.png If you stop on this square, and if you have recruited your three companions into your musical troupe, you can explore the secret passage.
SF Board 11.png -
SF Board 12.png -


When you land on the wheel square, you can spin the wheel for free, and you can win different rewards.

Wheel of Fortune

Summer Festival Wheel of Fortune.png

Wheel of Fortune (normal path):

  • 10 long-tailed notes(50%)
  • 2 Interesting stones (30%)
  • 1 dice roll (15%)
  • 150 long-tailed notes (5%)

Secret Wheel

Summer Festival Secret Wheel.png

Secret wheel (secret path):

  • 1000 pounds (25%)
  • 500 gems (25%)
  • 150 long-tailed notes (25%)
  • 1 Herbalist's cuffs, 1 Herbalist's shirt, 1 Herbalist's waistcoat, 1 Herbalist's belt, 1 Herbalist's hose and 1 Herbalist's shoes (25%)

Community Wheel

Summer Festival Community Wheel 2.png

Community wheel (community path):



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Playing this game, you can gain several trophies:

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