Anti-oar poem

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The anti-oar poem is:


  • When your character obtains an oar as a bonus of anti-smoothness, your character receives an event in the diary.


JJ/MM/AAAA 04:25 :Along the way, you find a piece of carved wood. It's probably an oar... but reversed. The inside seems to be on the outside and the outside seems to be on the inside. An anti-oar? Yes, it's an anti-oar with... a series of letters engraved on it, forming a funny little poem:

"Things that sing in the head

While memory is absent,

Look, it's our blood that sings...

O distant and discreet music!

Listen! It's our blood that weeps

While our soul has fled,

From a voice hitherto unheard,

And will shut up later.

Brother of the blood of the rose vine,

Brother of the wine of the black vein,

O wine, O blood, it is the apotheosis!

Bring back four black and white

Stones, and the grandiose drunkenness

Which we see in seven provinces drink

To invoke the sinister thing.

Sing, weep! Cast out memory

And cast out the soul. And to the Kingdoms

Magnetize our airfields."

This poem isn't bad. It's a pity there's the word aerodrome at the end, you can see that in the last line the author was clearly out of inspiration and gave up. "Magnetize our airfields"? Seriously? Apart from that, this strange text seems to be an instruction manual... But for what? You decide to copy it somewhere to keep it preciously in front of you, because the anti-oar already seems to be dissolving... no doubt it found its sister oar and dissolved in a bliss that belongs only to oars.