Advent calendar

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The Advent calendar is an temporary event made by Administrators for Christmas.
Editions: 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021.

Goal of this game

Unfold daily a new box of the calendar between the 1st of December to the 25th of December.

How to play?

To play the advent calendar, you just have to click on the rabbit in the bottom right corner of the screen "Town", to select the tab "My Advent Calendar" and to click on one of free boxes.


Release of boxes

The Advent Calendar is a calendar with 25 boxes.
Each day, you will be able to unfold the box of the day. The first of December, the box "1" could be unfolded; the 2nd of December, the box "2" could be unfolded and so on until the 25th 2021.

Boxes from previous days remain available for opening even if their day has passed. Then you can obtain the days rewards later.


Methods of opening

Some boxes are free, others have to be paid for with gems, pounds, products, special objects, etc...

You may choose from several methods of opening.



Here are the different methods of opening and the daily rewards for each boxes.




Boxes Methods of opening Rewards
ChristmasBoxC01.png Free 5 oboli
ChristmasBoxA02.png 120 gems 1 surprise purse
ChristmasBoxA03.png Free 10 pounds
ChristmasBoxB04.png 300 gems 50 oboli
ChristmasBoxE05.png Free 5 oboli
  • 30 snowballs
  • 100 pounds
300 gems 50 oboli
ChristmasBoxC07.png Free 5 oboli
ChristmasBoxA08.png 50 pounds 50 gems 25 oboli
ChristmasBoxC09.png 300 pounds 300 gems 1469 Christmas key 1 oriental headdress
ChristmasBoxC10.png Free 5 oboli
ChristmasBoxB11.png Free 5 oboli
ChristmasBoxB12.png 300 pounds 300 gems 1469 Christmas key 1 oriental coat
ChristmasBoxC13.png Free 1 jade stone
ChristmasBoxC14.png Free 1 silk
ChristmasBoxD15.png Free 1 ebony wood
ChristmasBoxA16.png 300 pounds 300 gems 1469 Christmas key 1 oriental set
ChristmasBoxE17.png 100 gems Wheel of Hams
ChristmasBoxB18.png Free 5 snowballs
ChristmasBoxD19.png 50 pounds 50 gems 2 cinnamon
2 cumin
2 saffron
ChristmasBoxB20.png 300 pounds 300 gems 1469 Christmas key 1 oriental shoes
ChristmasBoxD21.png Free 5 oboli
ChristmasBoxD22.png Free 5 oboli
ChristmasBoxA23.png 300 pounds 300 gems 1469 Christmas key 1 oriental necklace
ChristmasBoxD24.png 50 pounds 50 gems Oriental products
ChristmasBox25.png Free 1 christmas shawl