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Having your own field, producing your own resources, consuming them or selling them... now you can play an important role in the town's economy.

Your character can buy or sell its fields upon:

Acquiring a field allows a character to become a peasant.

Buy a field

Your character can own up to two fields.

To buy a field through the land market, a character must:

Transactions (purchase and sale) are immediate.


  • Purchase of a second field is only possible by unlocking the skill "Squire".
  • The 5 special fields/farms are not available at the time of the first purchase (Locked.png) and are only available in certain regions.

Town Hall

Buying a field at the town hall costs:

  • 50 pounds (Pound.png): for the very first purchase only
    • 500 pounds (Pound.png): for all subsequent purchases

    Note that the pounds spent this way simply vanish into the levanesque void. This means they do not benefit anyone, not even the town hall, nor the county.

    Sales offers

    Buying a field by accepting one of the sale offers means buying it from one of the inhabitants of the town who put it up for sale.

    In that case, the price is anywhere between 400 and 1000 pounds (Pound.png) per field (first or second).

    This mode of purchase does not allow you to choose the agricultural plot. It is whichever the seller has previously chosen. It can be reset nevertheless.

    The pounds spent are paid into the house's chest of the field's seller.

    Access your fields

    Fields are accessible via:

    • the App:
    • the Web:
      • IconeMesBiens.png My Properties, top left corner > [Field name]
      • InterfaceVillage02.png Town > InterfaceLVMaisonRefuge.png My home > IconeMesBiens.png My Properties > [Field name]

    Choose your agricultural plot

    Choosing an agricultural plot consists of:

    • selecting a field among 6 classic and 5 special options,
    • confirming the choice via "Choose this piece of land"


    • Your character must reset their field to be able to choose one of the special fields.

    Classic fields


    Classic fields provide us with the food, raw materials or cultivated products, and can be:

    Special fields


    Special fields provide us with the food, raw materials or cultivated products needed for production of luxury products, and can be:


    • The hop fields are available only accessible by the community of monks residing in monasteries.
    • Attention: These types of fields are only available in certain towns of Renaissance Kingdoms!!!

    Reset a field


    Resetting a field means changing the way field is used, hence avoiding the need to buy a new one.
    Resetting a field costs 50 pounds (Pound.png).

    To reset a field, your character needs to:

    • be in the town of its property
    • not have an active or accepted offer
    • have enough pounds in the personal inventory
    • reset a field, and confirm the choice ( ResetIcon.png )

    This way, your character will be given a fallow field, needing to choose its agricultural plot.


    • It will not be possible to reset a field unless all Chapter 3 quests are completed.