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The vineyard produces pounds of grapes.

Access to the vineyard

A field is accessible via:

Work in the vineyard

Your character can:

  • in their own field:
    • Hire worker.png : hire a worker
    • Work.png : work
  • in another character's field:

Working on the field takes 22 hours or 100 APs (AP02.png). It is impossible to work elsewhere at the same time. The harvest is available in the property's inventory on the next day (3:00 GMT), whether the work in the field is finished or not.

Note :

  • Your character must have the "Agricultural Employer" skill unlocked to recruit workers in the field.
  • The "Demanding Employer" skill will allow for setting a minimum characteristic when hiring workers.


  • Day 1:
    • Sow yourself or
    • Hire a worker between 0 and 19 Strength points
  • Day 2:
    • Prune the vines yourself or
    • Hire a worker beetween 0 and 19 Intelligence points.
  • Days 3 to 29:
    • Vines grow by on their own
  • Day 30:
    • Harvest the grapes yourself or
    • Hire a worker between 0 and 19 strength points


  • Your character don't need to have a pound of grapes in any inventory to complete the vineyard's cycle.
  • Your character must have the "Squire" skill unlocked to buy the second field.


The default quality of the vineyard is 50%.

Quality can be increased by:

  • 0.25% for each point possessed or asked in Strength or Intelligence
  • 2% or 4% if your character's preferred virtue is "Conservation"
  • 15% with the skill "Peasant's common sense" unlocked (10% chance)


Yield can be increased by:

  • 5% to 25% with the skill "Field cultivator" unlocked,
  • 10% if your character or the worker carries a scythe of the Ankou when the harvesting activity ends

Depending on the skills unlocked, the tools used, the Stats, and your character's preferred virtue, the yield is:

  • Field 1: from 15 to ?? pounds of grapes
  • Field 2: from 10 to ?? pounds of grapes


  • The harvest has a chance to be doubled with the skill "Praying to the harvest saint" (2% or 5% chance).