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Cows field produces hundredweights of cow and bottles of milk.

Access to the cow field

A field is accessible via:

Work in the cow field

Your character can:

  • in their own field:
    • Hire worker.png : hire a worker
    • Work.png : work
  • in another character's field:

Working on the field takes 22 hours or 100 APs (AP02.png). It is impossible to work elsewhere at the same time. The harvest is available in the property's inventory on the next day (3:00 GMT), whether the work in the field is finished or not.

Note :

  • Your character must have the "Agricultural Employer" skill unlocked to recruit workers in the field.
  • The "Demanding Employer" skill will allow for setting a minimum characteristic when hiring workers.

Cows field cycle

  • There is no strict field cycle. You can always have a cow (or cows) in the field.

Get animals

  • It is possible to buy 1, 2, 3 or 4 cows at a time. In order to kill them one by one, it is advisable to buy them every two or three days each. But if you want to optimize your milk production, it is better to buy them all on the same day (a cow is full of milk and can be milked every three days so it is better if they are all full of milk on the same day).
  • The price of a cow is 45 pounds(Pound.png) or 38.25 pounds if you have chosen "Conservation" and you have the major bonus. (No information and the minor bonus yet)
  • If there are no cows for sale, you must contact the sheriff.

Animal feeding

  • Animals should be fed grass daily. Feeding is free. Cows can be fed one by one or all at once. When a cow is fed every day, it can maintain or gain weight (a cow's chance to grow each day is 1/16).
  • If a cow is not fed for a day, it will lose weight.
  • You don't have to feed the cows the day they are bought.

Milking animals

  • Milking takes 22 hours or 100 AP.
  • Milk all the cows at once.
  • The cows' udders are filled with milk every three days.
  • For milking you need to have a bucket in your property's inventory. Otherwise your cow will not be milked the next day.
  • Yield is influenced by the intelligence points of the worker. So a worker with 20 points of intelligence or more provides 100% of milk production.

Slaughter of animals

  • You can only kill one cow / field.
  • To slaughter a cow you must have a knife in your property's inventory.
  • You can slaughter a cow yourself or hire a worker. The characteristics of the cow slaughterer don’t influence the production.
  • When a cow grows old (17 days is a good age because it is the average life expectancy, TBC), it would be better to be slaughtered because there is a high risk of dying.


  • If you have to retreat your character, you must know that your animals will no longer be fed. Cows can only be fed if the village mayor has activated this feature.
  • Cows are more productive in bottles of milk so it’s better to:
    • milk the cows as much as possible before scarifying them
    • try to buy the cows 4 by 4 so as not to out of sync milking. This is best done every 3 days (for example, if you have a 1-day-old cow and a 3-day-old cow, the 1-day cow will produce less milk and will therefore be less profitable). However, a choice must be made, because if the cows are all the same age, then it will be more difficult to kill them all without any cows dying ...

Production of the cow field

  • The production of bottles of milk depends on the milking period. It’s best to milking the cows every three days. Also depends on the intelligence of the worker.
  • The production of hundredweights of cow (HWC) depends on the weight of the cow.
    • Dying: 0 HWC
    • Bony: 1 HWC
    • Skinny: 2 HWC
    • Normal: 3 HWC
    • Fleshy: 4 HWC
    • Plump: 5 HWC
    • Fat: 6 HWC
    • Obese: 7 HWC
    • American Style: 8 HWC

Remember that the yield for the second field is reduced by 15%.

Mortality of cows

  • After the tenth day, chances of a cow dying are as follows:
    • 10 days: 1%
    • 11 days: 2%
    • 12 days: 3%
    • 13 days: 4%
    • 14 days: 5%
    • 15 days: 8%
    • 16 days: 12%
    • 17 days: 15%
    • 18 days: 20%

Profitability of the cow field

See spreadsheet (french only) available at l'Office des Boutonneux (external link)