Hop field

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The hop field is only accessible in a Monastery. Unlike the other fields, the hop field doesn't belong to a character but only to the community of monks living in the monastery: only they and the abbot can work on it.

The hop field produces Bags of hops.


  • Day 1:
    • A monk needs to sow the hop
  • Days 2 to 9:
    • The hop grows.
  • Day 10:
    • A monk needs to harvest the hop

Caution: if several monks work in the the field on the same day, this will not improve the yield, so it is necessary for the monks to work together to avoid wasting manpower.


It is possible to increase the quality of the hop field by 20% at each stage of the cycle if your character have a Ploughshare in the property's inventory.


10 bags of hops, no matter the characteristics of the monks working in it.