Sheep field

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Sheep field produces Balls of wool and Hides.

Access to the sheep field

A field is accessible via:

Work in the sheep field

Your character can:

  • in their own field:
    • Hire worker.png : hire a worker
    • Work.png : work
  • in another character's field:

Working on the field takes 22 hours or 100 APs (AP02.png). It is impossible to work elsewhere at the same time. The harvest is available in the property's inventory on the next day (3:00 GMT), whether the work in the field is finished or not.

Note :

  • Your character must have the "Agricultural Employer" skill unlocked to recruit workers in the field.
  • The "Demanding Employer" skill will allow for setting a minimum characteristic when hiring workers.

Sheep field cycle

  • There is no strict field cycle. You can always have one or more sheep in the field.

Get animals

  • It is possible to buy from 1 to 4 sheep at a time, butt it's advisable to buy them 2 or 3 days apart so you can slaughter them one by one.
  • The price of a sheep is 35 pounds (Pound.png).
  • If there are no sheep for sale, it's because the sheriff hasn't been able to produce any with the duchy's livestock.

Animal feeding

  • You need to feed your sheep every day with the field grass (free, 1 in 3 chance of gaining weight during the day).

Shearing animals

  • Shear all the sheep at once.
  • Yield is influenced by the intelligence points of the worker. Production = 1 ball of wool * (1+ Intelligence/20).

Slaughter of animals

  • You can only slaughter one sheep per day.
  • To slaughter a sheep you must have a knife in your property's inventory.
  • You can slaughter a sheep yourself or hire a worker.
  • When a sheep grows old (10 days is a good age because it is the average life expectancy), it would be better to slaughter the sheep because there is a high risk of dying.


  • If your character has to go into retreat, be aware that your animals will no longer be fed unless the town mayor has activated ranch keeping (?).
  • try to buy the sheep 4 by 4 so as not to out of sync shearing. This is best done every 4 days (for example, if you have a 1-day-old sheep and a 4-day-old sheep, the 1-day-old sheep will produce less wool and will therefore be less profitable). However, a choice must be made, because if the sheep are all the same age, it will be more difficult to kill them all without any sheep dying ...

Production of the sheep field

  • The production of balls of wool depends on the shearing period. It’s best to shear the sheep every four days. Also depends on the intelligence of the worker.
  • The production of hides (H) depends on the weight of the sheep.
    • Dying: 0 h
    • Bony: 1 H
    • Skinny: 2 H
    • Normal: 3 H
    • Fleshy: 4 H
    • Plump: 5 H
    • Fat: 6 H
    • Obese: 7 H
    • American Style: 8 H

Remember that the yield for the second field is reduced by 15%.

Mortality of the sheep

  • After the seventh day, chances of a sheep dying are as follows:
    • 7 days: 8%
    • 8 days: 10%
    • 9 days: 12%
    • 10 days: 18%
    • 11 days: 25%
    • 12 days: 30%
    • Beyond 12 days: 34%

Profitability of the sheep field

No spreadsheet available at l'Office des Boutonneux (external link)