Scholastic skill

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Scholastic skills are acquired at the university (accessible at the village Bailiwick) in several ways:

Usefulness of scholastic skills

It is used for different things depending on the character's chosen Way:

However, some skills do not correspond to any way:

Having 100% knowledge in a skill is also used for teaching at the university (except languages which can be taught from 1%, although the teacher's % affects the student outcome). You do not need to be the corresponding Way to study or teach a skill, however, your Way will affect whether you can use some skills for other purposes.

Having 100% knowledge provides 125 luxury points (once and for all, and even if the character is not yet at level 250 these points count).

The different scholastic skill fields

Art of Government (state way)

Art of War (army way)

Morale (church way)

Theology (church way)

Languages (church way)

Medicine (science way)

Science and technology (workers)

Seafaring (ship captain)