Basic Knowledge of the Military

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Basic military knowledge is a knowledge of the knowledge area: Art of War.

It can be studied by your character at the university as early as level 50. It becomes part of the cultural background after your scholar character reaches a level ≥ 100 and chooses the minor way of Army.

How to get it?

There are several ways to find out:


  • The likelihood of discovering this knowledge is low to very very low by working a skill area and/or looking for a new idea.

How to study it?

  • Take courses at the university: 3 to 6% per course
  • Self Study at the university: 1 to 3% per course


Possible limits


What is it used for?

Mastering this knowledge at 100% allows:


  • The details of all the necessary prerequisites for each knowledge are detailed in the page dedicated to it.