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Any character who is a scholar (has chosen a Way) can teach a lesson at the university if they have 100% in a scholastic skill (except for languages where 1% is enough).

Teaching takes all day. It is therefore impossible to work elsewhere once your character already has an activity. It is possible to work for part of the day (e.g. 6 hours mining) before you apply to teach, as long as the previous activity ends before you apply to teach.

To teach a lesson, you must:

  • Go to the university
  • Click on the link "Lessons at the University" then on "Teach here"
  • Choose the skill to be taught among those you have mastered
  • Set the price that each student must pay to attend the lesson (from 10 to 29 pounds)
  • Click on the "Apply" button
  • The rector must then validate your application

It is important to know that most rectors schedule their lessons in advance, so there is usually no point in applying at random. It is best to contact the rector and tell them what skills your character knows.

In the same way, some rectors impose a price to be paid by the students, so it is better to find out about this too.

There are some restrictions:

  • There can only be two lessons per day
  • There can only be a maximum of five students per lesson
  • The same teacher can only give one lesson per day