Modern Languages

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Modern Languages is a knowledge of the skill field : Languages.

It can be study by your character at the university from the level 100 when his way has been picked. It is part of the cultural baggage.

How to learn it?

Many solutions exist to discover it:

  • Pick a lesson of this knowledge
  • Pick a Way: Cultural baggage (between 0 and 25%)

How to study it?

  • Pick lessons at the university: from 0 to 6% per lesson
  • Read books


  • You need to have a certain amount of knowledge in this language to be able to read books.
  • Your character will have a bonus during his learning to this knowlege if he consumed a philter of Hightea, is smart, is noble of the Robe and/or have the Vrelo Znanja.
  • Bonuses can be added to one another.

Possible limits


How is it useful?

Mastering this knowledge to 65% allow:

Mastering this knowledge to 100% allow


  • Every detail of prerequisite needed for each knowledge is detailed in the page dedicated.