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Level VI

Also called Citizen.
In order to upgrade from level V to level VI you need to meet the requirements below. In game, these requirements can be seen by accessing: Bailiwick - Meet the Count's First Secretary. The character will be asked to choose the way:


  • To Have 100 reputation points
  • To Have 60 points in each characteristic
  • To Have 120 charisma (to be able to choose the way of the State or the Army) or 120 intelligence (to be able to choose the way of the Church or of Science)
  • To Have 2500 pounds in your inventory. If you built a second workshop, it is sufficient to have 1600 pounds
  • Wear pants, shirt, shoes, socks, belt and hat


Passing level VI you get:

Visual Aid

How to meet the Count's First Secretary?


What are the requirements?


Level VII