The Four Houses Cup

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The Four Houses Cup is a temporary event launched by administrators during The Pastry Guild event.
Editions: 2024.

Goal of this game

In the game, you aim to earn pastry points, help your House progress to earn rewards, and win the Four Houses Cup.

How to play?

A player begins by choosing one of four houses: House Hansen, House Chiquart, House de Nola, or House Martino.

During the event, all the Houses compete against each other in the Four Houses Cup. The more pastries one makes in the Culinary Laboratory, the more Pastry points one earns for your House. These points are added to the respective House's points counter and will be used to progress the House to earn rewards and try to win the Four Houses Cup.

Each level passed by a House confers the following rewards on the players belonging to it:

Pastry points Reward
10 000 Spring flower crown
20 000 1 Exclusive title according to the House chosen: 'Pastry apprentice at House Chiquart' or 'Pastry apprentice at House Hansen' or 'Pastry apprentice at House Martino' or 'Pastry apprentice at House de Nola'
30 000 Gift basket: Cured hazelnut sausage, Wine (Bordeaux), Loaf of bread, Ell of silk
40 000 Apron of the Four Houses (the design changes according to the house chosen)

At the end of the event, a ranking will be drawn up to determine the rewards allocated to the characters of each House:


  • Due to technical reasons, the event is only available on the browser version of Renaissance Kingdoms.
  • Characters created after the start of the event cannot choose a House and cannot take part in the Four Houses Cup.
  • They can still play around with the Culinary Laboratory and the Table of Delicacies.