Orgiastic ornament of the Maenads

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Info button image.png OrgiasticornamentMaenads.png Mixed clothing available in three colours. Rumor has it that the initiates who wear it had to engage in deliciously pagan rituals to obtain it.

The orgiastic ornament of the Maenads is :

It can be sold or bought on the village market between 1000.00 and 5000.95 pounds.

It has a weight of 10 in the inventory, but a weight of 0 when in the wardrobe.

It can be found on the wardrobe's slot XII. Outfits.


  • As soon as it is used from the inventory: it will be permanently transferred to the wardrobe.
  • It's available in 3 colours: white, black and brown.
  • Earn the favorite sin of Acedia is not a condition for having it. However, it's very useful...
  • It's all very well to say... You must have black stones and something else to get it. It's very helpful too, isn't it?