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Info button image.png Rose.png Mixed clothing. Disappears after a year. Available during Valentine's Day.

The flower is:

It can neither be sold nor bought on the market of the town. It can only be purchased via premium access for 100 gems.

It has a weight of 0.

It can be found on the wardrobe's slots:

  • I.a Hats for female characters, or
  • VI.a Left Hand for male characters.


  • Flower is directly transferred to the wardrobe upon character receiving it. Its sweet note is also sent by mail.
  • The player, who offers it as a gift, chooses one of the 4 available colors:
    • white: innocence and new love
    • yellow: friendship
    • pink: gratitude and appreciation
    • red: love and admiration
  • There are 5 trophies obtained by either offering and receiving flowers for Valentine's Day.

Rose male.gifRose female.gif