Silk Road

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The Silk Road is a temporary event on the 17 years anniversary of Renaissance Kingdoms by Administrators.
Editions: 2021

During the Silk Road, Administrators trigger some différents events:

Goal of the game

Participate in all the special events to:

  • find oboli, as well as raw materials, weapons and dusty old texts that allow new know-how to be developed.
  • exchange the exotic and precious goods for oboli.
  • make food, craft accessories, furnishings, weapons and special clothes.


How To play?

To play at the Silk Road, you need to click on the picture on the bottom right of the boat's or village's screen.


Then choose one of 3 available events on the node where is your character :

SilkRoadArmada.png Armada to fight against bloodthirsty pirates
SilkRoadMerchantsCamp.png Merchants' camp to exchange new items for Oboli
SilkRoadExcavations.png Excavations to dig for treasures