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Left: at the Excavations site, Right: a link to access the Excavations

Sometimes, when a quest is in progress, it is possible to make excavations in each village. To do so, you have to go to the place where the digging is taking place (a place in the village) and then to the "Excavations" tab. There may be a picture link in the bottom-right of the village interface.

To dig, you must be equipped with one of the following

You can only dig once a day, but it is possible to buy additional attempts in exchange for gems:

  • 1 attempt: 60 gems
  • 3 attempt: 180 gems
  • 5 attempt: 300 gems
  • 10 attempt: 600 gems
  • 20 attempt: 1200 gems

(Please note that a single click on the buy button is enough to purchase if you have enough gems).

Digging is not a daily activity, so you can work elsewhere during the day.

During an excavation, it is possible to find a lot of things:

It is also possible to dig up unique items and special items useful for solving the current quest.