Works and Repairs

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The construction work on the port is being managed by the Harbourmaster from his office in the port, which is accessible only by him.

Improving the port

The smallest type of port is the "Natural port" and many ports outside the towns are such ports. Most, if not all of the ports in the villages are already expanded. The highest possible level for each port is unknown and is being decided by the game administrators.

There are several different stages of the port expansion:

The ports expansion is being led by the Harbourmaster.

In order to improve it, the Harbourmaster must hire workers and dispose a lot of raw materials, artisan products and money (pounds). Attention: if even one of the job offers which are placed by the Harbourmaster is not taken, then all the products and money that were used for that day offers will be lost, without the work being done. Moreover, once the job offers are being placed, they can not be modified, cancelled or more offers being added.

In order to have rat materials, artisan products and money to pay the port expansion, the Harbourmaster must receive a grant by the Sheriff (or the Mayor). After that he can put everything into the Port inventory.

Each expansion is being done in different stages: (ex: construction, masonry, finishing touches etc.). The duration of each stage is different, depending of the total number of workers required and the total number of job offers being taken every day.

The wages for the workers vary between 18,00 and 25,99 pounds.

Example: 16 June 1458, 3 job offers were placed for carpenters in Marseille, only 2 have been taken - on the morning of the 17th, the Harbourmaster sees that the money and the raw materials (bushel of wood) are gone, however the construction works haven't progressed an inch!

The raw materials used by the workers are always used in whole (ounces, bushels, tons) - the fractions are always rounded up - Harbourmasters must pay attention to this when placing the job offers!

Example: for the carpentry phase, in order to improve from natural port, 30 bushels of wood and 50 carpenter-days are required.

   3 carpenters working - they will use 5 bushels of wood.
   4 carpenters working - they will use 6,666... bushels of wood, rounded to 7
   1 carpenter working - he will use 1,666.. bushels, rounded up to 2

Attention, starting work on improving the port, reduce with 1 the capacity to accommodate ships

Possible upgrades

Fishing port (level 2)

Commercial port (level 3)

  • Can accommodate 7 ships, there are 3 dry docks (commercial ships)
  • Construction work : 400 workers
  • Masonry : 100 masons, 100 tons of stone
  • Metalwork : 100 blacksmiths, 200 ounces of iron ore
  • Carpentry work : 100 carpenters, 200 bushels of wood
  • External masonry : 100 masons, 100 tons of stone
  • Structural reinforcement : 200 workers
  • Compliance with European directives : 150 workers

Arsenal (niveau 4)

  • Can accommodate 10 ships, there are 5 dry docks (battle ships)
  • Construction work : 1000 workers
  • Metalwork : 200 blacksmiths, 1000 ounces of iron ore
  • Carpentry work : 100 carpenters, 200 bushels of wood
  • Masonry : 200 masons, 500 tons of stone
  • Reinforcements : 200 blacksmiths
  • Structural reinforcement : 200 workers
  • Compliance with European directives : 150 workers

Additional jetties

For each port type, it is possible to add additional jetties in order to increase the capacity of the docks.

The cost of improvement of each additional jettie is proportinal to the cost of the port itself. For example if the port at level N has 5 basic docs and the cost of this port was 100 tons of stone, 50 bushels of wood and 20 workers, then each additional jettie will cost (100 stone + 50 wood + 20 workers)/5.

The margins of the workers salaries are 18,00 to 25,99 pounds.

The materials needed for the daily job of 1 worker are rounded down. The job of the worker is considered finished at the end of the day where his 22-hours work ended.

Basic cost of 1 jettie
Natural port Fishing port Commercial port Arsenal
Workers 15 30 50 70
Tons of stone 10 25 50 125
Bushels of wood 10 10 50 50
Ounces of iron ore 0 10 50 250
# of basic docks 2 4 7 10
Possible jetties 1 2 2 5

Attention, the jetties are not being transferred to the next level, once the port is being upgraded.