Manage My Family

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The "Manage My Family" interface is accessible within the Family section of the character sheet and allows you to handle various aspects of your character's family ties.

My Family Ties

Your character can declare being the child of a father and/or a mother who are characters played by other players. Once a declaration request is sent and approved, the parent will be displayed in the family tree visible on your character's profile page.

If you want to declare a character played by a player to be your character's child, you need to persuade the corresponding player to make this declaration themselves.

It's important to note that the declaration of a parent is irreversible, however, if a character played by a player declares your character as their parent and you accept, this new family tie will replace the existing one with a non-playable character.

Manage my non-playable characters (NPC)

In this section, you can view a list of your non-playable characters, each with its unique identification number (ID). You also have the option to remove existing NPCs. Removal of the NPC will lead to its removal from all the family trees in which it was previously displayed.

Add a non-playable character (NPC) to your family

You can expand your family tree by creating as many non-playable characters as you'd like, designating them as father/mother, brother/sister, and son/daughter of each existing family member. Keep in mind that each character can have a maximum of 15 children, whether they are player-controlled or non-playable.

Only parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, and siblings of your character appear in the family tree. For husbands/wives, a marital family tie is established exclusively through the marriage and the spouse will be displayed in the family tree only after the marriage ceremony.

Tie yourself to the NPC of another player

This feature allows you to create a family tie between your character and another player's non-playable character, with their consent. This way, the other player's non-playable character can become your character's father/mother, brother/sister, or son/daughter.


  • Each character can have a maximum of 15 children.
  • There must be a minimum age difference of 15 years between a child and their parent.
  • It is impossible to create a family tie between two player-controlled characters if at least one has not declared their age.
  • A family link between two player-controlled characters can only be established if both of their respective players agree to it.